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In many forms of fiction, but definitely manga/anime, whenever an incidence of gender-bending occurs with a male character (true gender-bending, mind you, not switching into another girl’s body or dressing in drag), the male character inevitably looks far better in female form. Muscle mass is reduced to form a more “curving” figure, protruding chins and broad noses are reshaped, cheeks are redefined, and generally, if not for things like hair color and clothing, you’d have no idea you were looking at a female version of the character…and sometimes even that isn’t enough.

This indicates that most men would be naturally beautiful if it wasn’t for that pesky Y chromosome spoiling their good looks.


When Emperor Ivankov in One Piece turns that one assassin from a man into a woman during the “Impel Down” story arc, s/he is clearly younger and better-figured in both body and face than the male counterpart.

Vega (M. Bison in America) from the “Street Fighter” series purged himself of all of his goodness…and the result was a younger-looking, smaller-bodied, and attractive young woman named Rose. Granted, there’s a chance that he simply got rid of his good physical qualities, but if that’s the case…how does one explain Cammy, who is supposed to be a female clone of him, looks so radically different and more attractive? Let’s be honest…when Vega grins and shows off his teeth, he peels paint. If Cammy tried to the same thing, people would just giggle at the cuteness.

Wolverine is a pretty hard-chistled, gruff, almost “bulldog-looking” “Man’s Man”. X-23, his female clone…er…not so much.