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The ultimate expression of “he died so others may live”.

It’s no secret that Hollywood, especially sci-fi/horror movies, hates African-Americans. They seem to have become aware of it to an extent, but even when they try to correct it, they seem to think the natural order of the universe demands that an African-American person die in movies. So, if we want a survivor, even if it’s a protagonist, someone has to die in his/her place who will appease the Hollywood version of the cosmos. Typically, in many cases, if an African-American survives to the end, they have to still kill a different one.

The Sacrificial Black Guy meets the trope of “The Black Dude Dies”, obviously. However, it applies specifically to situations in which there’s a different black character higher up on the casting “pecking order”. Hence, the sacrificial one is usually a guy/gal not terribly essential to the plot, but one that still makes the audience realize, if they stop to think, that this person has zero odds of survival.


Alien vs. Predator – Alexa made it out alive as the sole survivor, but only after Colin got “predated”.

Pulp Fiction – Jules walks off into the sunset without a scratch even after a magnum is fired point blank at him. Marvin…not so much.

Transformers – Epps is still alive and kicking at the end, but Jazz is the only Autobot who gets offlined. This counts because Bay went out of his way to make Jazz a flaming African-American stereotype.

Independence Day – Sure, Cpt. Hiller survives intergalactic nuclear detonation and Jasmine manages to escape into a utility room coated with plot armor, but that poor bastard on the “Welcome Wagon” never stood a chance.

The Matrix Series – Morpheus is the only member of the original crew to survive all three movies. However, Dozer bites the big one in the first one (cheaply, I might add, as Tank survived a similar hit), Captain Ballard and his entire crew died except for the evil white guy in “Reloaded”, and the Oracle gets whacked in “Revolutions”…although she does come back in the latter case.

Deep Impact – President Beck gets to oversee Washington, D.C. being rebuilt…while Mark gets a high school named after him.