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Again, this is another one of my own versions of the popular Youtube series, “How It Should Have Ended”. Again, it’s very funny and you should check it out. However, this is one they’ve actually done already. It wasn’t done too terribly well, however. All they really did was make fun of the fact that Rapunzel’s hair would have been littered with all manner of crud and filth with her dragging it everywhere. A shame, because the movie was rife with plot holes. So…without further ado…


(Scene shows Rapunzel and Eugene sitting by the river after Rapunzel just finished healing his hand. She brushes back her hair and shows off the one brown strand.)

RAPUNZEL: See…whenever it gets cut, it turns brown and loses its power. That’s why mother hid me in that tower all this time, afraid that people would cut it when they wanted it for themselves.

(Eugene stares back blankly.)

EUGENE: …Hold on a second. You told me earlier that the whole reason you were hiding in that tower for eighteen years and never ventured outside is because you were scared that thieves and thugs would try to capture you and use your power for themselves, right?

(Rapunzel blinks.)


EUGENE: And now you’re telling me that if your hair gets cut, you’ll lose your power, so no one would have any reason ever to try and capture you or exploit you, right?”

(Rapunzel thinks over that for a moment.)

RAPUNZEL: Er…uh…yes, actually.

EUGENE: So why not just cut your hair? That way you don’t have to worry about anyone ever trying to use you.

(Rapunzel sits quietly for a few moments, having an epiphany.)

RAPUNZEL: …You don’t happen to have a knife or anything on you, do you?

EUGENE: Yeah, sure.

(He passes her one, she gathers up her hair, takes the knife, and then cuts it. Immediately, it turns brown, and a blood-curdling woman’s scream happens nearby in the darkness. Both of them instantly snap in surprise to that.)

RAPUNZEL: What was that?!

EUGENE: Sounded like a woman turning to dust…


(Scene cuts to the doors to the outside foyer at the castle. They open up, and the king begins to walk out alone, flanked by the guards. As he comes out, he looks ahead, and sees Eugene standing in the distance with Rapunzel, now short-haired and brunette, having her back to him, and then slowly turning around and nervously smiling at him.)

(The king, however, looks thoroughly unimpressed.)

KING: …Sorry, my child had blond hair. Good day.

(He turns to go in, leaving Rapunzel in a state of shock. Eugene immediately comes forward.)

EUGENE: Uh, wait! Wait! It’s really her! Her hair just turned brown after it got cut!

(The king sighs and looks back at him.)

KING: Listen, I really don’t have time for this. I’ve got to plan my wife’s funeral…

(Both Eugene and Rapunzel gasp.)

RAPUNZEL: F…Funeral?!

KING: Yes, I’m afraid. (Sighs sadly) Shortly after sundown yesterday, she abruptly dropped down dead on the floor for unknown causes… Maybe the grief of the festival was too much for her… I’ll just have to find solace in my daughter.

(Suddenly, a brown haired princess steps out, hugs him, and gives him an encouraging pat…to Rapunzel and Eugene’s shock.)

EUGENE: D…Daughter?!

(The king looks up to them.)

KING: …You didn’t think after my baby girl got kidnapped 18 years ago that my wife and I would decide never to have another child and just simply cry over that one, did you?

(Rapunzel, however, looks uneasy.)

RAPUNZEL: Um…Eugene? When exactly last night did you cut my hair, instantly undoing everything my fake mother ever did using the flower that gave me my power?

EUGENE: Just after… (He freezes, and gulps) …sundown.

(He holds up his hand and sees it split open again.)

EUGENE: Er…yeah…didn’t realize that the same power that kept Gothel young all these years was also the one that saved your mother’s life 19 years ago…

(As Rapunzel begins to burst into tears, one of the guards blinks and looks at Eugene.)

GUARD: Wait a second…aren’t you the infamous thief Flynn Rider that was going to be hanged yesterday but who staged the biggest prison break in the country’s history?

(Eugene pales a bit as the guards begin to look dark at him…before taking a step back.)

EUGENE: Um…no?


(The door to the royal suite opens up as Eugene comes in carrying the happy Rapunzel right after their wedding, and they share a kiss.)

EUGENE: So…where do you want to go for the honeymoon?

RAPUNZEL: Oh, I know just the place! It’s a country called Arendelle and I hear it’s warm and sunny and green this time of year! The best part is we don’t have to pay for it! My parents already got invited to see the queen’s coronation, but we can go instead!

EUGENE: Sounds great! After everything going on this country, it will be nice to go someplace warm and quiet…

The End