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Let’s see what’s next in the ol’ junk bin…

Ah, this one. Actually, I don’t have it anymore. The DVD was made of such flimsy material that it actually shattered getting it out of the case. You know…the one kinds of DVD cases which won’t let you get the DVD out unless you bend the darn thing. Still, it wasn’t before I managed to watch all of it.

I actually think this one was redone and that I had the OVA. Hopefully the remake was better than the original…

“Aquarian Age”

On the surface, this one seems pretty interesting. The concept is pretty nice. The central idea is that there are an assortment of magic “schools”/magical creatures belonging to certain guilds running around on Earth. The various members masquerade as humans. Most of the time they seem perfectly innocuous and hide in plain sight among normal people. However, when members run into each other and they recognize one another, they revert into their true forms and battle for supremacy. It’s a pretty neat little background. Kind of like the deal in “Highlander”.

So what happens is this one guy who is an aspiring singer whose childhood friend/would-be girlfriend (yeah, you know the archetype) is supposed to be the next leader of one of the guilds finds out that he’s one of the few humans that can have an impact on these magical creatures. Namely, his singing is like a siren’s call to them that causes them to flock around him. Aside from having a built-in fanbase, it’s good because it not only allows him to identify who is human and who isn’t, but he can also control them through his voice.

So…seems pretty neat, huh? Something that could get it’s own series? Something that has a wide slew of possibilities? I thought so too.

Too bad it degenerated into another one of those “too long series” hangups.

Rather than focusing on cool things like magical creatures battling each other in the dark shadows of the modern world without anyone noticing, instead they focus on the fact how when the singer’s friend/girlfriend thinks his success will take him away from her, she’s tricked into making a deal with a corrupt entertainment agent who has the ability to enslave magical creatures as well through his laptop and plans to use her to get rich and gain power. Once he brainwashes her into being a royal b***h, the series degenerates into mostly moping and whining and stalling until the last few episodes of the series, when they could have been doing more fun stuff like battles and powerplays for supremacy.

If I wanted to watch some teenager moan and complain about losing his girlfriend he never even had the guts to confess to in the first place, I’d just stick with a romance. What’s the point of including all these fantasy elements and great backstory if you’re going to waste time with moping and slogging through the same “territory” again and again?

…Maybe this is where “Twilight” got its inspiration.

Does it hold your interest? Well, yeah…except during the middle part. At least it has some action in it and not just anime romance cliches… But I can’t get over the fact such a great concept was wasted on a sci-fi/fantasy romance. This is the kind of idea someone could do a ton with, and here they wasted it on wangsty crud.

On a final note, this is one of those odd animes that somehow thought seven-bladed swords were cool. They look more like cornstalks picked clean of their leaves and cobs. Not exactly sure what you could do with those…

Rating: 2 stars out of 5

Plays decent at the local level, but don’t expect to ever open for a big-name rocker.

What you should do with this DVD set: Shove it into a magical, brainwashing laptop and turn it into something with a faster-paced plot.