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Uh oh…heading into dangerous territory with this one. Ladies and gentlemen…behold, the only 15+ anime in my collection…and quite by accident, I assure you. This was my first mistake I ever made in trying to ask people for suggestions about while anime to buy. I figured: “Hey, I like stuff with magic and beating up said users with spells and techniques. Fantasy setting stuff. Why don’t I try it?” Big mistake…

“Sorceress Hunters”

Well, plotwise and as a general overview, this series isn’t bad. Once again solidly in the “blah” territory. The story is nothing new. A group of friends/family go around on missions to seek out evil sorceresses and whack them, all while under the command of a very powerful sorceress who raised them from childhood like a mother. They all have to unite and stop some other sorcerer whose has a backstory with the motherly sorceress from enacting one of those psychotic plans that somehow boils down to needing to destroy the world, which, naturally, is tied to one of the far-inferior-by-comparison heroes who is the key to unleashing the beast of the Apocalypse…because he’s stuck inside of him. All basic, 13 episode bad fantasy stuff that I’ve gone on before like the rest of my junk bin. Nothing too bad in any of it other than a joke here or there that’s more risque or unconventional.

So why the 15+ rating?

…Because this dumb series was clearly cooked up by someone who had one of those bizarre ideas for a hentai but lacked the substance to flesh it out into full porn. That’s kind of pathetic when you think about it…how a guy can literally be so dumb he can’t think up a full original idea for a hentai’s plot. That’s like trying to come up with a plot for a preschooler’s book. Does the preschooler really care what sort of impetus caused an anthropomorphic cat with a large, candy-cane striped hat to show up at the house of two unsupervised children and their goldfish? No! You just want to see the cat mess stuff up once he gets there. But moving on…

This idea is so WTF is kind of makes you forget about anything that happened in the rest of the series. Apparently, the way the group resorts too often to kill the sorceress target for the episode is to let their most useless, imbecilic, perverted group member get angry, at which point he unleashes his demon of the apocalypse deal which kills the bad guy. The question is…how do we turn him back into the helpless idiot?

Well, the two child-like and innocent female members of the group must metamorphosize into dominatricies and whip him furiously until he reverts.

I SWEAR I AM NOT MAKING THAT UP. I’m not deranged enough for that.

What’s even worse? The saintly, nun-like, matronly sorceress who raised the group from childhood is named “Big Momma”. Normally that would be bizarre enough…but in the context of the two female members of the group turning into dominatricies? She had to have “demonstrated” that technique to them when they were children, you know…

In short, in addition to a lackluster, boring plot that runs on too long and too dull, you also have to deal with the fact that unless you’re into hentai…and, unfortunately, according to some surveys that’s likely most of you…you have to deal with that too leaving a bad taste in your mouth. Worse than “Orphan”, I’ll tell you that much. No one can tell me this wasn’t a porn spin-off.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5

Pretty sad when the only way to wake up the audience is to slap them around with a whip held by a scantly-clad woman who was five years younger and three sizes smaller two seconds ago.

What you should do with this DVD set: Get out the black leather and whips…or…just a belt if you’re most people…and whip this “naughty boy” back into whatever dimension is came from.