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As the pegasi gear up to give Ponyville an extra-large downpour to make up for a shortage on rain, Applejack and Rarity start getting into an argument over how to handle pruning the trees in town beforehand, and end up getting caught in the downpour. So they don’t have to walk home in the rain, Twilight Sparkle invites them both to the library for her first slumber party, but as the night wears on, the two only progressively argue more and more about each other’s habits and likes. Finally, as Twilight is near her wit’s end with them, a lightning strike results in a large tree section crashing into Twilight’s bedroom. Neither Applejack or Rarity are able to deal with it alone, and finally make up and work together to remove it. The two reconcile and help make Twilight’s first slumber party a success, and Twilight writes a letter to Celestia about how you should embrace your friends’ differences from you as they are what makes them special.


I think every episode of MLP “ages well” on more reviews. That said…this, in my opinion, is one of the top five worst episodes of the entire series.

Everything about this episode is “weak”. It only has three members of the Mane Six, and they are the three “straightest” of the bunch, not having Rainbow Dash’s energy, Fluttershy’s interesting character traits, or Pinkie Pie’s craziness. There’s nothing unusually stand out or funny about this episode either. Rarity is so poorly written for this one that she almost seems like she’s Trixie from two episodes ago, and Twilight’s social awkwardness escalates into full-blown stupidity and obliviousness.

The worst part, however, is the plot. To me, it seems as if they were out of ideas for this episode, and simply said: “Let’s make the plot Applejack and Rarity arguing for 20 minutes.” In other words, the entire plot is built around one joke…and not a very funny one. Twilight is almost nothing more than an accessory or a MacGuffin in this episode who just facilitates things by creating a plot device that keeps them in the same area long enough to carry this out. When the tree branch breaks in the window, Twilight, in the stupidest she’s been in the entire series, spends three minutes looking at her book on slumber parties wondering why a tree branch isn’t included as part of the experience. I know Twilight is supposed to be oblivious at times…but that’s pushing it. On the other hand, Applejack and Rarity don’t even really spend most of the time arguing about each other’s take on things. The episode starts with them being a bit upset about how they do things, and then they degenerate into insulting and tormenting each other the rest of the episode.

Plus, the “theme” of the episode seems a bit “muddled”. At times it seems as if both Applejack and Rarity should appreciate each other’s differences…and at others it seems as if Applejack is the only one learning the lesson. It’s like the episode was originally supposed to be about Applejack learning to appreciate Rarity, but halfway through they decided to make it mutual. After all, it’s Applejack who has to be the one who ends up apologizing to Rarity, learning to use “tact” and “politeness” in order to get something done, and Rarity who ends up making the biggest difference.

The only really “funny” part for me this episode is how Rarity appears after Applejack dares her to go out into the rain. She looks so miserable. XD Other than that, the humor doesn’t come out so much as the two just being angry at each other, and I didn’t think “two ponies angry at each other” was that humorous or entertaining of a premise to begin with, especially since both just seem bitter other than being too aggressive to be innocently upset and too subdued to be humorously over the top.

There are a few episodes in the series built around “one joke”…and none of them are that entertaining to me, and I usually think they end up being the worst. Mostly because that means nothing plot-wise will stand out, and this episode is no exception.

Fun Facts:

Yet again, Derpy non-cross-eyed.

Although the first episode established that Celestia and Luna control the day and the night, this was the first episode that began to show that pegasi not only can manipulate the weather, but they actually have to plan out and make all weather for Equestria. This finally shows what the ponies meant in the pilot episode when they said that the seasons and weather “change of their own accord” in the Everfree Forest. It also began to hint that plants do absolutely nothing unless the ponies tend to them, even wild ones.

I mentioned earlier that Tabitha St. Germain was still “working” on Rarity’s accent…but in this episode it seems to fall apart a lot.

The “least casted” episode so far…and possibly in the series. Only Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, and Rarity are present from the Mane Six, and also are the only ones with any lines.

Does Twilight’s treehouse run on electricitY? If not…how does the power go out?

Twilght’s story about the “Headless Horse” would reappear in Season Three, “Sleepless in Ponyville”.

The second: “It. Is. On.”…again by Rarity.

When Applejack and Rarity pillowfight, gun noises go off every time they kick a pillow. Where did Twilight get all those pillows anyway? Also…they’re fighting with down pillows. That sh’t HURTS. 😛

I know the point toward the end of the episode was supposed to be that both Applejack and Rarity were somewhat right about how to handle the tree, but, in all honesty, Rarity has the better point. Pruning the branches wouldn’t really have helped that tree when it broke off at the trunk.


2 Stars out of 5