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Twilight Sparkle notices that Pinkie Pie has a strange ability called “Pinkie Sense”, where random parts of her body twitch in certain orders and allow her to predict events before they happen. Twilight dismisses the entire thing as superstition and myth, until repeated “coincidences” lead her to start wanting to either find a scientific basis for it or to disprove it. After multiple failed attempts that only wind up in more pain for her, Twilight hears Pinkie say that a “doozy” is coming, an event that no one would ever expect, and it will happen at Froggy-Bottom Creek, where Fluttershy has been relocating frogs from her pond. The girls arrive and, sure enough, a hydra appears and nearly eats them. Everyone but Twilight manages to escape the hydra by leaping over a series of rock pinnacles to a cliff, but the hydra smashes some of them, leaving the jump too far for Twilight to make. Pinkie shouts at her to jump anyway, and, deciding to go on faith, Twilight does so, and ends up bouncing off of a mud bubble in the bog below and up to safety. However, Pinkie is still twitching even after this, saying that wasn’t the doozy. At this point, an exhausted Twilight “gives up” and, in spite of having no proof or basis for proving or disproving Pinkie Sense, believes in it. Pinkie stops twitching at that point and announces that that must have been “the doozy”. Later, Twilight (now heeding Pinkie’s sixth sense along with the other girls), writes a letter to Princess Celestia about sometimes needing to go on faith about some things and the help your friends can give in doing so.


This episode is just plain mad…wonderfully, wonderfully mad. A good thing too…or it could have been one of the more controversial episodes in the series.

To me, this episode is a “meterstick” of the growing fandom. By now, their wishes were not only being heard but being implemented. This episode is almost purely Looney Tunes slapstick and randomness that older, non-little-girl crowds tend to love, and had a nod to Pokemon which was something the original demographic probably didn’t get. The biggest indicator is Derpy finally being “Derpy”, with her wall-eyed look and her propensity for clumsiness. The first “fandom” had officially translated itself into the show, indicating the rise of the Bronies.

This episode is just so goofy it’s fantastic. Twilight getting repeatedly smashed in the head with random falling objects straight out of classic cartoons is great, but even more hilarious is when Princess Celestia seemingly drops out of nowhere at the end, snatches Spike’s letter before he can send it, and then takes off. WTF?! It just comes out of the blue.

Yet the real “big” part of this episode is the “moral”. Although it’s wrapped in insanity and slapstick…the moral of this episode is all about faith in things you can’t prove. Well…the biggest issue of that in real life is in religion. While Pinkie Pie hardly qualifies as a diety, the fact that this episode was still about having faith and even embracing faith in things you can’t prove is more than just a call for tolerance of people who believe in religion…it’s actually a call to embrace it. It barely comes off that way in the manner the episode is presented, but if it had been “more clear” this episode could have been a huge controversy. As it was…this episode is just all around good fun.

Fun Facts:

“Pinkie Sense” is obviously a play on “Spider-Sense” from Marvel’s Spider-Man, and works in a somewhat analogous way. That said, Pinkie Pie’s “Pinkie Sense” is one of the bigger inconsistencies on the show, rarely appearing or being mentioned after this episode and then seemingly at random. It seems like it was mostly created for this episode alone.

The full “breakdown” of Pinkie Sense:

– Tail twitching: something is going to fall.

– Ears flopping: someone is going to get dirty.

– Back wiggling: Pinkie Pie’s lucky day(!).

– Knee pinchy: something scary is going to happen.

– Shoulder aches: an aligator is in the tub (probably Gummy).

– Ear flop + knee twitch + eye twitter: a beautiful rainbow is coming in the sky.

– Ear flop + eye twitter + knee twitch: look out for opening doors. (Do not confuse with the one above.)

– Itchy nose: swarm of bees is coming.

– Full body twitch: a “doozy”; something no one ever expects would happen is going to happen. Pinkie can also tell where it will happen with this one.

Pinkie Pie’s pet was introduced in this episode: a baby alligator named “Gummy”, who has no teeth. Probably a good thing as he doesn’t seem too tame and would probably do a lot of damage if he did.

Twilight Sparkle literally gets on a soapbox in this episode to lecture Pinkie Pie. “On a soapbox” is an expression used for people who go on a tirade.

Spike makes a “slow moving vehicle” sound when he’s backing out of the door of the library.

The headpiece that Twilight puts on Pinkie in the library is remiscent of the headgear Doc Brown wore in “Back to the Future” to try and read Marty’s mind.

At long last, wall-eyed Derpy is here! And starting to do her signature derps…by dropping a whole moving wagon full of stuff on poor Twilight.

Another monster appears in this one: a hydra.

Before jumping across the stone precipices, Fluttershy says: “A hop, skip, and a jump”, an allusion to the episode “Dragonshy” earlier this season.

When Twilight gets enraged at Pinkie for the hydra “not being the doozy”, she bursts into flame in anger, making her look exactly like a Rapidash from “Pokemon”.

For some reason, the ink in the library is the disappearing ink from “Griffon the Brush Off”.


4 Stars out of 5