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A pony who calls herself “The Great and Powerful Trixie”, an arrogant and prideful unicorn, comes to town boasting that she’s more skilled than any pony in Equestria and showing off her magic talents. Her constant bragging and claims that she once defeated an Ursa Major all by herself irritate Twilight Sparkle’s friends, and she begins to grow fearful that if she performs her own magic to show up Trixie that she’ll be accused of being a show-off as well. When Spike gets into an argument with two of Trixie’s newest fans, a pair of foals named Snips and Snails, about how talented Trixie really is, they decide to see for herself her power by going into the Everfree Forest and luring an Ursa Minor (which is still very large and powerful) into town to have her show her stuff. Confronted with the monster and her own magic tricks completely useless against it, Trixie is forced to admit that she made up the whole story about defeating an Ursa Major, and Twilight Sparkle intervenes and uses her own magic to put the bear to sleep and send it back in the forest. Her friends and the citizens of Ponyville give her a round of cheers, and Trixie, not at all grateful to Twilight and still boasting that she’s the best pony in Equestria, runs out of town. Twilight writes to Princess Celestia that you should be proud of your talents if they’re part of who you are, and that you shouldn’t be afraid to use them when necessary.


This episode is dominated by the new side character introduced in it: “The Great and Powerful Trixie”. In my experience, there are two opinions you can have of her: she’s amazing or she’s repulsive. I’m more in the second category, but I know she generated such a huge fan base that she had a great deal of fanart, fan literature, and other media right up until she finally reappeared in Season Three. She also merited enough to make a cameo in Equestria Girls and is going to feature in the upcoming sequel. Like her or hate her, for better or for worse, Trixie dominates this episode, easily being the biggest highlight of it. With her self-centered attitude, lofty voice, and her tendancy to continously refer to herself in the third person, she’s a braggart and a snob…but enough of one to where it’s almost amusing to watch.

All in all, this was a good episode to be the first to try not using all of the Mane Six. In the first five episodes, all six characters appeared, but following this point you’d often get a “grab bag” of them. Twilight Sparkle would still appear often until Season Two because she was needed to “close” the episode with her letter to Celestia, even if she didn’t really feature in the episode itself. To be honest, Trixie steals the scene so much in this episode that you hardly even notice Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are missing. (Oddly enough, Pinkie Pie seems to be rather familiar with Trixie when she comes back in Season Three.) Even with only four of the Mane Six, there’s some good humor in the episode, the plot is engaging, and it’s a lot of fun. It’s the kind of “good quality” episode that you usually get from the rest of the series.

About the only beef I have with it is the characters of Snips and Snails. Not only does their design look nothing like the rest of the ponies, almost making them look like they’re not ponies at all, but they seem to only ever be around to give Trixie something to play off of. Both are annoying to me as well…although Snails at least reminds me of “Pinky” from “Pinky and the Brain” at points. Other than that…a nice episode.

Fun Facts:

The title is a take on “Ghostbusters”, although this episode has little to do with that.

The first episode that didn’t feature all members of the Main Six. Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy never show up.

This episode introduced more unicorn “lore”, such as that unicorns are normally only supposed to have one special talent in spite of their ability to do magic, so that their “forte” is in one area, but Twilight Sparkle is unique in that her special talent is magic itself.

The first appearance of Trixie, also known as Trixie Lulamoon. Although she would only appear in a single other episode of the series (“Magic Duel” in Season Three), she was rather popular and was frequently done by the fandom. She even appears in humanized form in “Equestria Girls”. Kathleen Barr provides the voice, and would later provide the voice for another popular non-main character: Chrysalis.

Also the first appearance of Snips and Snails…who pretty much only are relevant to the plot when Trixie shows up, although they made cameo appearances in a few other episodes featuring the Cutie Mark Crusaders. This seems to imply that they’re foals, although this is not necessarily the case.

Again, Derpy appears in this episode non-cross-eyed.

Although one of Trixie’s highlights is that she refers to herself constantly in the third person, Rarity actually does the same briefly in this episode.

The first occurrence of the recurring: “It. Is. On.” line.

Snails’ horn makes the sound of a car engine firing up when he uses it.

While there had been “background mares” until now, “background stallions” began to be included here.


3.5 Stars out of 5