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Since it’s Gummy’s first birthday, Pinkie Pie throws a party inviting the rest of the Mane Six over. After a great time, when the girls head back, Twilight Sparkle says “let’s do it again soon”…prompting Pinkie to throw another party the next day, inviting all the girls over for the “After-Birthday” party. However, all of them make flimsy excuses that even Pinkie ends up suspecting, and on investigating, she soon sees they’re doing things behind her back and purposely trying to not let her know about it. Pinkie Pie ends up grilling Spike and making him say a fake “confession” that the girls don’t want to be her friends anymore, prompting her to throw a party for the inanimate objects lying around Sugarcube Corner and declare them her new friends. After a while, Rainbow Dash gets her and, when she declares she doesn’t want to have anything to do with her, forcefully drags her to Sweet Apple Acres…where she finds out a party is being thrown. She at first assumes it’s a “Goodbye Forever” party for the girls celebrating they don’t want to be her friends anymore, but soon discovers it’s a surprise Birthday Party for her, as she forget her own birthday. Pinkie is overjoyed and apologizes for doubting them. Twilight writes a letter to Princess Celestia that you should always expect the best from your friends and never assume the worst.


Some people love this episode…and while I don’t “dislike” it…I’m not nearly as excited about it.

It does have it’s funny parts…like all Pinkie Pie themed episodes do. Like her only believing the totally incredulous story that Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash came up with and Rainbow Dash ending up arguing with the inanimate objects. It also has the special blend of “insanity” that Pinkie Pie episodes have. However…

All of the girls have their “bad sides”. It’s kind of nice that just because they personify the Elements of Harmony doesn’t mean they always “live” them. Rarity has times where she’s greedy. Applejack has times where she’s dishonest. Fluttershy has (a LOT of) times where she’s mean. But…Pinkie Pie is a bit harder to show the “negative” side of since she’s so different from the other girls. She’s supposed to be wacky and silly and almost “Looney Tunes”-esque in her ability to defy physics and engage in random craziness. However, she’s also supposed to “think different” compared to the other girls, to have a different sort of mentality. As a result…how to handle her “negative side” ends up being the sort of “crazy” that’s not so much funny as disturbing.

This episode created most of the “Pinkamena” creepypastas, portraying her as a psychopath rather than just a fun-loving, wild pony. And…in all honesty…with good reason. During the scene at the party with the inanimate objects, the score is downright unsettling, and keyed in rather well with Pinkie’s demented looks and progressively deteriorating mental state. It’s funny, but…at times it borders on one of those jokes where “the audience is too scared to laugh”. Not to mention that whenever the writers bring out the “bad side” of a character, they usually walk a thin-line between making the character “real” and “still likeable” and being “repulsive”. I think Pinkie crossed into “repulsive” a couple times in this episode. She seems genuinely mean and stupidly beligerent in multiple spots as opposed to just being confused. All in all…not a good way to highlight Pinkie Pie in an episode. There are much better ones in Season Two.

I think this was a fairly good episode, but the “crossing into dark territory” made it too unbearable more than once.

Fun Facts:

Finally, near the end of Season One, Pinkie Pie gets a “focus” episode on her.

I think “hoarse Pinkie Pie” actually sounds a lot like Rainbow Dash, which is funny since they’re two different voice actors.

A lot of the “creepy memes” involving Pinkie Pie came from this episode…for obvious reasons.

The score fades out when Twilight says “shh” in Sugarcube Corner.

Pinkie Pie again demonstrates her uncanny ability to pop up anywhere she likes.

As mentioned in “The Cutie Mark Chronicles”, Pinkie’s mood is tied to her hair, as is how she “behaves”. However…it’s also worth noting that Pinkie Pie is colored more “drab” when she gets depressed in this episode. This is foreshadowing to the Season Two premiere with how the corrupted Mane Six turn totally black, white, and gray when they become the total “opposite” of themselves.


3 Stars out of 5