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While preparing for a meteor shower event, Spike does a wonderful job of preparing all of Twilight’s things for her and the other Mane Six…but falls asleep shortly after the event begins due to being too young to stay awake for very long. During the night, while writing a report on comets, Twilight Sparkle gets a visitor in the form of an owl named Owluiscious who she decides to let stay at the library as a pet and her “junior assistant”. On waking up the next day, Spike gets both jealous of how Owluiscious seems to be better at his job than him as well as fearful that Twilight loves him more than the baby dragon, eventually leading him to try and frame Owluiscious for killing a mouse and leaving its remains all over the library. Twilight catches him in the act and gives him a severe scolding, which Spike misinterprets as her rejecting him completely, leading him to leave town and head into the Everfree Forest. He ends up in a cave filled with gems that he stuffs himself on, only to find out that the gems belong to an adult dragon who attacks him in rage for eating his hoard. However, Owluiscious and Twilight appear, having followed ketchup “fake blood” footprints there and effect a rescue, with the owl first distracting the dragon and then leading them to safety in the darkness. In the end, Twilight apologizes for not realizing how much this was upsetting Spike, and Spike apologizes to both Twilight and Owluiscious for being so jealous. Twilight lets him write the letter to Princess Celestia, and he begins by saying that one should never let petty feelings or jealousy dictate their actions and there’s “enough love to go around”, but falls asleep during the letter.


There are very few Spike-themed episodes…but what few there are usually make me frown, as he’s almost always portrayed in a negative light, being jealous, selfish, or full of himself. This one is no exception. I don’t usually care for episodes like that, because it “stains” his normal character on the show. If the only highlights we ever see of him are in “bad lights”, then it kind of ruins any concept he has for the rest of the series. Hence, there aren’t many Spike-themed episodes I like in the first two seasons. This episode is also sort of “bait-and-switch”, clearly portraying Owluiscious in a somewhat “negative” or “mysterious” light even when Spike isn’t present, so that the viewer is less inclined to believe it’s “all in Spike’s head” and more that there was something up. Aside from that, this episode isn’t terribly outstanding either. There’s nothing too noteworthy in it as the only characters are pretty much Twilight Sparkle and Spike, aside from a rush of “cameos” of the CMCs and Mane Six at the beginning. And I don’t think Spike can “carry the show” by himself too much.

It’s not a horrible episode…but not a very good one either.

Fun Facts:

Spike is a better assistant than you realize…he rolls a wagon down a staircase at the beginning of the episode without spilling anything. šŸ˜€

One of the few episodes where the CMCs appear but don’t feature, and one of the few where Rarity and Sweetie Belle appear as sisters doing something.

Scootaloo has no “blood” connection to Rainbow Dash, yet hangs out with her in this episode on purpose. This leads more to the theory that Scootaloo really doesn’t have an “adult figure” in her life, although this has never been confirmed or denied.

I’m a little surprised a Y-rated show got away with: “And now the punch has been ‘Spike’-d.”…not to mention all of the ketchup that looked a lot like blood and was meant to.

Naturally, the first appearance of Twilight Sparkle’s own pet and “junior assistant”: Owluiscious.

While Twilight Sparkle is known as the most neurotic on the show, in the Season Three opener is was revealed that Spike has an equally strong fear of Twilight Sparkle rejecting him. It began to come out in this episode when it was revealed that Spike was only partially motivated out of jealousy…he was also scared that Twilight wouldn’t “need” him anymore.

This episode established that “normal” dragons are so ill-tempered they don’t even think twice about killing their own kind.


2 Stars out of 5