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Rarity gets an opportunity to present her style for a renown fashion photographer, Photo Finish, but needs a model. During their weekly spa treatment, she manages to talk Fluttershy into reluctantly agreeing. As a result of the shoot, Photo Finish falls in love with Fluttershy’s shy and timid mannerisms, but dismisses Rarity’s style completely. Soon, Fluttershy is looking to be the biggest fashion sensation in Equestria, while Rarity and her styles go almost forgotten. Rarity grows incredibly jealous of Fluttershy but, desperate to be a good friend, keeps encouraging her and her career as a great opportunity. Fluttershy’s own shy nature is completely at odds with her newfound fame and she hates it, but is afraid she’ll disappoint Rarity by refusing to go with it. Although they confess their feelings to Twilight Sparkle separately, both make her promise not to tell the other, soon driving Twilight insane since she knows the truth and can’t tell them about it. Instead, she offers to use her magic to make Fluttershy completely ruin one of her photo shoots. Yet when she does, Rarity, dressed in her latest fashion, walks in hoping Fluttershy will fail. Yet on seeing her actually failing and the crowd starting to boo her, she regrets her jealousy and applauds her, ending up turning the crowd around when they see how she’s dressed and assume she’s very knowledgeable when it comes to fashion. Backstage, Rarity goes up to the even-more-depressed Fluttershy and confesses her jealousy, which leads Fluttershy to confess her own hatred of modeling, and the two make up. Fluttershy quits her modeling career and Twilight Sparkle wants to write to Princess Celestia about the importance of keeping secrets but also being honest about your feelings to your friends…but Spike is unwilling to take the letter because Twilight ended up telling the not-so-secret about his crush on Rarity.


Well, something had to follow up the last episode. And this one isn’t terribly bad, just not terribly good either. I’m not a big fan of parts of the show with “creepy Pinkie”, and this had a number of them. Rarity isn’t as amusing as she was in the previous episode, and while Fluttershy has her moments, there’s not a whole lot of opportunities for her to “be Fluttershy” in this episode either. Most of the entertainment comes from Photo Finish herself, with her tendancy to always proclaim her own name and to use her thick and outrageous accent. Plus, the whole episode is a bit “out of continuity”. Rarity was already well-known in Ponyville and her reputation had been steadily growing as she got progressively more famous clients. Yet in the middle of the episode, no one seems to know her or her store. As for Fluttershy, it seems unlikely that she wouldn’t be recognized abroad after being popular enough to actually be used to advertise products. Then again…the show was getting more and more ambitious at this point. Where Ponyville first came off as being a simple “ideal” little fantasy utopia community, by now the town was officially beginning to become a “mirror image” of the real world in many ways as the world continued to be “fleshed out”. That’s another landmark for the show, so that’s notable. Again, a good episode…not a great one.

Fun Facts:

It seems Rarity and Fluttershy were friends prior to the Season One opener, as they talk as if they have been having weekly spa meetings for a while.

This is the second Rarity episode in a row, although it’s equally about Fluttershy. Also, this helps “mitigate” feelings from last episode as Spike’s feelings are totally unrequited by Rarity in this one.

Pinkie Pie’s “FOR. EV. ER.” line is similar to the same line in “The Sandlot”.

Another one of Rarity’s “drama queen” bits…this time making herself a dark shroud to be depressed in.

You can hear Hoity Toity during one of the fashion shows, although you don’t see him.

Derpy is in the audience of the photo shoot…for no other reason than to be Derpy. 😛

Two “squees” in this episode…one from Fluttershy and one from Pinkie Pie.

Applejack appears in this episode along with Rainbow Dash, but neither have any lines.


3 Stars out of 5