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The CMCs, frustrated in their latest attempts to earn Cutie Marks, decide, on Scootaloo’s advice, to ask Rainbow Dash how she got hers in hopes of getting ideas. However, in the course of doing so, they run into the other members of the Mane Six and hear their stories as well.

Applejack – Saw the Sonic Rainboom make a rainbow pointing back to Ponyville, causing her to return and become an apple farmer.

Fluttershy – Comforted the animals scared by the Sonic Rainboom, leading her to realize she had a greater connection with them than others.

Rarity – The Sonic Rainboom broke open the rock her horn led her to, revealing gems she incorporated into her “fashionista” style.

Twilight Sparkle – The Sonic Rainboom caused her magic power to flare dramatically, leading Princess Celestia to make her her personal student.

Pinkie Pie – The Sonic Rainboom made her overjoyed, making her want everyone to feel the same joy she saw, only via parties instead.

Rainbow Dash – Realized she loved racing and winning, and it pushed her to perform the Sonic Rainboom.

When they finally hear Rainbow Dash’s, the other girls are present and realize her Sonic Rainboom was the event that led them all to get their Cutie Marks, and they realize they were “destined” to become friends even before they ever met each other. Scootaloo, frustrated with all the “sappiness”, leads the CMCs to try zip-lining for a second time, while Twilight writes a letter to Princess Celestia about how friends may end up being attached “across time and space”, and says to look to sky in case your future friends are “looking at the same rainbow”.


All in all, this is a pretty nice episode. One of the better ones of Season One. I’m not usually one for CMC themed episodes although this episode really featured the Mane Six more predominantly. I went in thinking it would be pretty dull, but it was actually rather entertaining. The stories that all of the girls had were short and yet poignant and salted with humor. The episode genuinely had some pretty funny moments. It gave some nice backstory with a few Easter Eggs to boot. And…yes, the sentiment at the end did give me a minor case of the “feels”.

Pretty much the only problems with it is that it’s rather discontinuous. Based on the fact that the girls were able to see the Sonic Rainboom all over Equestria, it’s unlikely that they were the only ones, so that when everyone doubts Rainbow Dash in “Sonic Rainboom” it seems silly. Plus it suffers from a disconnect with Season Four when one of the more popular new characters, Maud Pie, was introduced.

Nevertheless, this episode is fun and entertaining, and, as it’s near the end of Season One, is a good “note” to wrap things up on.

Fun Facts:

Dragons apparently “zip-line”…but ponies do not. 😛

This episode started off Scootaloo’s infatuation with Rainbow Dash.

The “unspoken tragedy” on the show is that it is extremely likely that Applejack’s mother died giving birth to Apple Bloom and her father died sometime before then. One can think that might have motivated Applejack to leave Sweet Apple Acres when she was a younger filly and how easily she was taken in by relatives in Manehattan.

First appearance of Manehattan. It’s considered to be a pony version of New York, especially since Babs Seed is supposed to be from it and she has a Brooklyn accent. It wouldn’t get a “modern, official appearance” until Season Four’s “Rarity Takes Manehattan”. In this episode, it has more of a 19th century appearance although it still has skyscrapers and a pony Statue of Liberty. When it would reappear in Season Four, it looked far more “modern”.

Some of the girls had slightly different hair styles when younger. Fluttershy’s main was drooped over one eye. Rainbow Dash’s mane was more “frizzy”.

I think it’s kind of “counter-intuitive” where Rainbow Dash stands up for Fluttershy…but then causes her to fall off of Cloudsdale soon after. However, I thought it was kind of interesting how a pegasus realized she was more “at home” on the ground. Still, this episode sort of indirectly states that Fluttershy became a hermit recluse, a fact supported by the show since she doesn’t live near town but on the outskirts.

Fluttershy looked considerably taller and less “pudgy” than the other girls as a filly, possibly alluding that she’s older than all the girls. She appeared to be going through a growth spurt.

The appearance of the white rabbit toward the end of Fluttershy’s story is likely Angel Bunny.

When filly Rarity arrives at the giant rock, it’s similar to the scene with the monolith in “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

Derpy as an adult appears to be in the audience of Rarity’s play and appears in Twilight’s flashback in the sky, also as an adult. “Filly” Derpy would finally make an appearance in the flashback in Season Four’s “Pinkie Pride”, establishing that she’s really roughly the same age as the girls rather than considerably older.

Rarity’s accent seems a little “weak” as a filly. It might simply be Tabitha St. Germain having a hard time making Rarity sound both young and keep the accent (Ashleigh Ball definitely had a hard time making Applejack keep her accent and sound “young”), but I like to think it’s that her accent is fake and she just makes it up to sound more “lady-like”.

Looks like the writers couldn’t figure out how to get Twilight’s story into everything…and so they just had the CMCs end up listening to her. 😀

Twilight Sparkle’s mother is the same coloration as G1’s “Moondancer”…the inspiration for Twilight Sparkle. Although Twilight Sparkle’s parents have appeared a few times on the show, they have never said a line or done much more than be “in the background”. Also, “Princess Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns” sounds suspiciously like “Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters” from “X-Men”. Also, it turned out Twilight’s own magic “hatched” Spike.

Twilight’s “reaction” to the Sonic Rainboom seemed to be the “prelude” of what would happen at the end of Season Three, which is fitting in this case.

Pinkie Pie’s story is so off-the-wall it’s a little hard to believe it was the whole truth, especially since she ends it with “…and that’s that story of how Equestria was made! Maybe on the way home I can tell you about how I got my Cutie Mark!”. However, later episodes confirmed it. Her parents are clearly modeled after “American Gothic”-style farmers and likely are inspired by Puritans.

This episode is noteworthy (among other reasons) for showing that Pinkie Pie’s full name is “Pinkamena Diane Pie”. The episode “Party of One” showed that Pinkie’s mane oscillates between poofy and perfectly flat and straight, depending on her mood. Some fans have given her a split personality to go with it, based on the “Party of One” episode, where the “flat-haired” Pinkie Pie is both depressed and mean. She’s often called “Pinkamena”.

“Later season” fans will notice a big difference in this episode…Maud Pie is nowhere to be seen in Pinkie Pie’s flashback. She was a retconned character in Season Four, making her first appearance in a picture of the party in the flashback that features her in addition to the two sisters who appear in this episode.

Again, plenty of fillies and others saw the Sonic Rainboom…so it seems silly no one believed in it in “Sonic Rainboom”.


3.5 Stars out of 5