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Rarity is visiting Canterlot for a week and, thanks to her connections with Twilight Sparkle, she gets a royal suite in the Royal Palace itself. However, on moving around town, the “high society” soon looks down on her from being from Ponyville in spite of her manners and class. However, when she runs into one of the wealthiest and most influential elite, a stallion named Fancy Pants, she accidentally name-drops that she’s a guest in the Royal Palace, leading him to think she’s more important than she really is and starts boasting to his friends about the same, ending up inviting her to a Wonderbolt Derby in the box seats. Once there, Rarity’s charm and manners, as well as a small lie about her connections, end up getting more of the wealthy elite to invite her to high-profile events. Rarity spends the whole week going to high society gatherings rather than working on Twilight’s dress for her upcoming birthday, and soon the week is over. Yet as she tries to go home early to finish the dress, she’s invited to a garden party at the Canterlot Gardens, prompting her to lie again by claiming she has to stay in Canterlot to take care of a (not) sick Opal. Unfortunately, this not only prompts the girls to move the party to Canterlot, but Princess Celestia allows them to use the Royal Ballroom for the birthday party…right next door to the Canterlot Gardens. Rarity tries to divide her time between the two parties, but the girls, thinking she wants to sell dresses to the elite, allows her to go to the garden party…and offers to “help”, ending up upsetting the whole event with the raucous behavior. When Twilight mentions that her own simple dress (all that Rarity had time for, yet she still likes due to being simple and practical) was the work of Rarity, the unicorn is forced to either admit the truth of her background or turn her back on her Ponyville friends, and ends up siding with them. However, it works out as Fancy Pants likes Twilight’s dress and orders more. Rarity writes…sorry, tells Celestia about the importance of not abandoning your background for the sake of fitting in.


As I mentioned before, I grimace a bit at the “have-it-all” episodes…and boy, this is the mother of all of them.

It’s an old plotline from the “children’s cartoon playbook” once again, this time about what starts as a little white lie ends up becoming a tangled web of deception. Rarity ends up getting caught in the trap of lying again and again to try and maintain her elite lifestyle and identity, and eventually gets cornered by it. However…that’s where the plot gets “muddled”. Rather than focusing on the moral of the episode be about staying truthful to your friends, it’s about staying true to your “roots”. As a result…Rarity gets away with murder in this episode.

In spite of all of her lies and deception, Rarity still manages to “have it all” in this episode. The girls buy her excuse of a sick Opalescence hook, line, and sinker. Twilight loves the barely-started dress Rarity made for her. The girls don’t suspect Rarity’s constant “stepping out” to the gardens and, when they do, they encourage her to go out. And the whole episode they are blissfully, blissfully clueless and unaware of how much Rarity is putting them on. Finally, at the end, Rarity gets not only the admiration of her friends, who don’t seem to mind that she lied to them one bit, as well as the Canterlot elite.

As much as I like Rarity, this episode is a bit too much for me. Not to mention it continued the tradition in Season Two of being more dramatic with less jokes, although when the Mane Six show up for the last eight minutes or so it really helps things out quite a bit. Aside from that…anyone else ever notice that “trophy girlfriend” that Fancy Pants seems to have draped around him during this episode?

Not very kid appropriate.

Fun Facts:

One of the few times Princess Celestia interacts with one of the girls other than Twilight Sparkle individually occurs at the start of the episode, namely with Rarity.

Redneck ponies were noteworthy for appearing in Season Four, but technically this episode has the first.

This episode, if there was any remaining doubt after “The Best Night Ever”, confirmed that Canterlot was a place for the rich and elite, most of whom are unicorns. That also helped reinforce the idea of “classism” in Equestria, a trend, based on “Hearth’s Warming Eve”, which may have carried itself for generations. Canterlot also received a redesign to make it look more “urban” and “contemporary”.

Two more Wonderbolt names were “dropped” in this episode: “Rapid Fire” and “Fleet Foot”. Anyone else find it odd that the Wonderbolts do races at a track?

The tiara Rarity pulls out of her jewelry box looks a lot like the Magic Element of Harmony with a different jewel.

“The Pony Every Pony Should Know” is the big song from this episode. Not one of the best, and it definitely doesn’t sound like Rarity singing, but still a nice song.

Looks like Photo Finish is now accepting Rarity’s word as “gospel” in regards to art. 😛 The dress she wears to the dinner party is similar to the one from “Sisterhooves Social”. Also, a lot of her dresses from Season One, including her Grand Galloping Gala one, reappear during the song.

An airship appears during the song. One of the few ever seen. I wish they’d have more. 😛

Kind of amazing that Rarity alludes to the Grand Galloping Gala when raving about the Garden Party…considering how much of a disaster that ended up being for her.

…Does Opal lick her nether regions this episode? O_o Anyway, more justification for Opal hating Rarity. 😀

This episode introduced Pinkie Pie’s “party cannon”. It also works as a weapon, as shown in “A Canterlot Wedding”.

Octavia appears again in this episode.

It seems Fluttershy finally “bonded” with the birds in the Canterlot Gardens. 😀


2.5 Stars out of 5