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Rainbow Dash breaks one of her wings while flying around doing tricks, and ends up stuck in the hospital for a few days for observation. To alleviate boredom, Twilight Sparkle offers her a book of a popular action hero character, Daring Do. At first, Rainbow Dash snorts off the whole thing, dismissing reading as being something only an “egghead” does. However, when monotony takes its toll, she decides to give it a try…and is soon hooked. She ends up trying to hide her new love for the series by chasing off the girls when they come visit so she can keep reading, but right as she’s down to the climax in the last chapter, the doctors come in and release her. Desperate to finish the story but hating the thought of asking Twilight for the copy and exposing her secret, she breaks into the hospital and tries to steal it, but ends up being chased back in town and waking the girls up due to being accused of being a slipper thief. She finally admits her love of the series, and the girls assure her it’s nothing to be ashamed of and that it doesn’t make her less of an athletic pony. She tells Spike to write the letter to Celestia about the importance of trying new things…so she can be free to read more Daring Do.


Heh…hidden message in this episode, perhaps?

The episode itself is pretty decent. It’s a little hard to try and insert an action hero into a show that’s rated Y. One of the big things of Season Four is how the writers clearly looked at every loophole they could exploit in the censors to make it a true “physically active” season…but for Daring Do’s first appearance, she seems to only be able to be in constant peril rather than hold her own. Later, in “Daring Don’t”, it’s revealed she also has Indiana Jones’ ability to beat up a team of attackers too, but for now she does little and says even less.

Nevertheless, this episode is far more “lighthearted” than most of the other episodes in this season, which all seemed to have a more dramatic “hook” to them. This one is pretty much pure fun. The girls don’t really figure into it although they all appear. The focus is mostly on Rainbow Dash…and Daring Do. Yet it works rather well. There’s a lot of quirks in this episode in an attempt to be more “modern” and “contemporary”. That’s a far cry from the first season. Lots of allusions as well, especially, as mentioned, to Indiana Jones.

Yet I think the real “kicker” to this episode is that pretty much the majority of bronies can perfectly relate to Rainbow Dash in this episode. Their experience with “joining the herd” is pretty much identical to that of Rainbow Dash. We all dismissed this series as being something for stupid people or even “freaks” in some cases, out of boredom or, perhaps, a fascination for why people liked this series we tried it out…and we became hooked before we knew it. Then we entered the “closet brony” phase where we thought that this somehow made us demented or crazy as well and tried to hide the fandom from everyone else…likely even the ones who had introduced us in the first place. But, finally, we reached the point of “acceptance” and, like Rainbow Dash, we kicked back and watched every last episode in the first season in one day. 😛

That’s worth a bit more acclaim for this episode. 😀

Fun Facts:

This episode is kind of fun to rewatch in light of Season Four’s “Daring Don’t”…now that we realize Daring Do actually did everything in this episode. I guess that makes Ahuizotl an actual show villain. 😀

The accident that finally gets Rainbow Dash laid up in the hospital is never seen. I’m actually a tad disappointed, considering all of the violent accidents she’s been in throughout the series. I’d like to see what actually busted her wing.

First appearance of the fan universe within the fan universe…er…until Season Four came around…Daring Do. It’s small wonder Rainbow Dash identifies with her so much…she’s her recolored. 😛

Daring Do is obviously a takeoff of Indiana Jones. The room where the Sapphire Statue is located is a takeoff of the same place where the gold idol was at the beginning of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, while there being a “trick” to the tiles was somewhat of a nod to “The Last Crusade”. When she yells: “Better luck next time, Ahuizotl!”, that’s similar to the line Indiana shouts off in “Temple of Doom” when he’s taking off from China. The deathtrap she escapes from at the end, however, is more of a nod to James Bond and other similar “deathtrap scenes” in spy movies.

Twilight Sparkle says “Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Stone” is the first in the series…yet it really seems as if the series has been going on for a while when Rainbow Dash opens the book…

The board game that the girls are playing seems similar to “Battleship”.

There is no way Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Applejack didn’t see Rainbow Dash reading the book when they walked in. 😛

Ahuizotl is both a character as well as a description of what he is. An ahuizotl is a monster from Aztec mythology. His voice may be an attempt to imitate the Nazi villains of Indiana Jones, or it may be a knock off of Bela Lugosi’s iconic “Dracula” voice.

First, but definitely not the last, appearance of a “pony ninja”. 🙂

After a long absence, Rainbow Dash gives a “squee” in this episode.

The “crazy” pony barking in this episode always kind of threw me for a loop. Her cutie mark is a screw loose. Does that mean her special talent is being insane? O_o

Well, of course Twilight has every book in the series and Rainbow can borrow them whenever she wants…TWILIGHT LIVES IN THE LIBRARY.

The only episode so far that has ever showed the inside of Rainbow Dash’s room.


3.5 Stars out of 5