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The episode starts with the Cakes having twins: Pound and Carrot. Due to their unusual family tree, Pound is a pegasus and Carrot is a unicorn in spite of being born from earth ponies. A month later, Pinkie Pie is their favorite playmate. However, when the Cakes have a big order to move out that they forgot and need a last minute babysitter, they reluctantly allow Pinkie Pie to do it in spite of their lack of faith in her responsibility due to having no other choice. Soon after, Pinkie Pie realizes she’s bit off more than she can chew when Pound and Carrot are inconsolable and a handful, only able to get temporary relief from their crying by her dumping a sack of flour on her head repeatedly. Yet when Twilight Sparkle makes a surprise appearance and offers to help, her subtle hint that Pinkie Pie isn’t responsible causes her to chase her off and insist on taking care of the two herself. However, her task gets more challenging than ever when both twins start manifesting their respective abilities: flight and magic. Unable to keep them from running wild, Pinkie breaks down in tears…prompting the twins to dump flour on their own heads to try and “cheer her up”. Eventually Pinkie manages to corral them and clean up their mess, writing to Celestia that you shouldn’t be eager to take on too much responsibility when you’re not ready for it. The Cakes come home and ask her to be their new “go-to” babysitter, and Pinkie adamantly refuses…until she hears the twins say her name, at which point she offers next Tuesday.


I didn’t really care much for this episode. I may have a bit too much experience with unruly kids myself who weren’t my own, or maybe it just sets me off, or maybe it’s because Pinkie Pie’s normal wackiness seems to “fall flat” in this episode…which isn’t surprising as she’s not free to “be Pinkie” in this one. She has to actually act like any normal teenager trying to corral a pair of kids.

Still, it’s the plot that doesn’t grab me more than anything this episode. I don’t think “babysitting” makes for too good humor. It’s another page from the “children’s cartoon playbook”…the character having to babysit unruly kids…and about the only thing it missed was the babies getting in mortal peril constantly only to be snatched free from it by their caretaker. I don’t like that toward the middle of the episode the babies seem to start intentionally be “messing” with Pinkie as opposed to just “being babies”. And since this is another episode built around “one joke”…it just seems to fall flat to me.

However, Pinkie’s character is good in this. I think it’s an improvement over her “belligerent stupidity” she had in “Party of One”. And, in truth, it’s probably the most “unconventional” side we ever see of Pinkie Pie…having to actually act like a normal, responsible pony as opposed to her cartoonish self. That in itself might not necessarily be “funny” or “dramatic”, but it has it’s own charm. That’s the biggest virtue of this episode to me.

But as it’s “light” on everything else, I’d say it’s adds another in a chain of “ho-hum” episodes.

Fun Facts:

The first appearance of the hospital in Ponyville, assuming Twilight didn’t take Spike there in “Secret of My Excess”.

Based on how Mr. Cake looks like at the beginning…ponies apparently can grow beards as opposed to “some have them and some don’t”.

This episode reveals an interesting bit about pony geneology. So long as there is a bit of “unicorn”, “earth pony”, or “pegasi” blood in a family, it seems their children can spontaneously be born one of those types. It would suck to be born an earth pony in a house full of unicorns. And what happens if a unicorn or earth pony is born to a family full of pegasi in Cloudsdale? Does the baby immediately fall to their death as soon as they put it down?

Month-old-fillies already on formula rather than breast milk? Ok…I know a Y-rated show isn’t about to show foals suckling from their mom, but still…they could have stepped out of the room. Kids got to learn that’s how it works sometime.

An interesting episode in which Pinkie Pie actually has to be responsible.

Pinkie Pie’s sheer randomness apparently allows her to manipulate clouds without being a pegasus.

As an allusion to “The Flintstones”, Pound Cake likes to pound things. This is similar to how Bam-Bam loved to break things going “Bam! Bam!”

When Pinkie says: “Don’t even get me started on their taste in stand-up comedy”, a rim-shot goes out from nowhere.

I wonder if the writer for this episode has ever had kids of their own. I mean, sheesh, if my family had gotten so “anal” about everything the kids in our family tried to suck on, they’d have had an aneurysm. And don’t try to tell me that they’re trying to teach “good overall behaviors toward babies” for the audience at home, because if they were that much of a stickler then there should be more adults helping put a stop to bullying. Or at least use a crib that’s not renown for being a “deathtrap” nowadays.

The scene where Pound Cake is walking upside down on the ceiling is an allusion to arguably the most disturbing scene from “Requiem for a Dream”. Kind of surprising they included that reference. (I think the only “darker” one is “Slenderman” in Season Four…)

This episode seemed to cause a little controversy. Pound Cake is only a month old and already able to fly a little, whereas Scootaloo is ground-bound. Following this episode, it slowly became revealed that she has underdeveloped wings, making her a regular character with a physical disability. On the other hand, I think it’s a tad unlikely that Carrot Cake is already so good with magic.

Another episode that only really features one of the Mane Six. Although all members make brief cameos, it’s almost entirely Pinkie Pie.


2.5 Stars out of 5