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When Pinkie Pie becomes aware of the fact that different friends of hers are doing fun activities at the same time, she becomes obsessed with not missing out on any fun and tries her best to have fun with all of them at once. When Twilight jokingly suggests the only way she can succeed is to have multiple ones of herself, Pinkie follows a legend to the “Mirror Pond” in a cave in the Everfree Forest, where she duplicates herself so she can have fun with Applejack and Rainbow Dash at the same time. But when Fluttershy starts doing something fun as well, she realizes she’s still missing out and duplicates her and her clone. Unfortunately, the clones duplicate themselves multiple times afterward until a wild and crazy hoard of Pinkies are driving Ponyville nuts and spreading chaos everywhere. Spike finds a book with the legend in it for Twilight, and she finds a spell to get rid of the clones, but she also sees that the spell will get rid of the real Pinkie if she accidentally uses it on her. Meanwhile, Pinkie is depressed at all the trouble her copies have caused, but passes the idea to Twilight to make the most boring, unfun activity she can think of as a test…because the real Pinkie, determined to stay with her friends, would endure it while the fun-obsessed ones would get bored and distracted. The Apple Family herds all of the Pinkies into the gazebo, and Twilight Sparkle gives them the test: watching paint dry. Eventually, all but the original Pinkie look away, and Twilight sends them all back into the pond. With the real Pinkie Pie back, the entrance to the Mirror Pond is sealed and she writes to Celestia about how having lots of friends means sometimes having to choose, but that’s ok because there will always be more opportunities “for fun”.


One word to describe this episode: FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN!

To anyone who thinks that Season Three was “totally lackluster” or filled with “shoddily done episodes”…I present this gem. It’s everything a Pinkie Pie episode should be…zaniness, wackiness, physics-defying goofiness, and just all around enjoyable. Whereas the jokes in the season opener fell flat, the ones in this one pretty much all “hit”, and the numerous allusions in the episode only make it more hilarious.

There’s only one problem with it…and, unfortunately, it’s a little hard to miss. This is, to a degree, the most disturbing episode of the series. Definitely of Season Three. There really is no guarantee that the Pinkie Pie they got left with is the real Pinkie Pie. For all we know, the real one was banished to the pond forever and was sealed away, and we’ve been stuck with a clone ever since. It doesn’t help that a Treehouse of Horror episode of “The Simpsons” which was pretty much the same episode as this, only with Homer, did end with the real Homer killed and a clone left behind. Also, I think it would have been a bit more fun to “work” the joke of multiple Pinkie Pies confusing ponies. It had all sorts of comedic possibilities, but the Pinkies on a rampage itself didn’t last too long.

Still, a great funny episode to swing us into the “regulars” for this season.

Fun Facts:

Pinkie Pie saying “What’chadoin’?” to Twilight at the beginning may be a nod to “Phineas and Ferb”, in particular Isabella’s signature line.

Twilight says: “What in the Wide-Wide-World of Equestria are you doing now?” when Pinkie interrupts her a second time. This might be a nod to a line in “Blazing Saddles”: “What in the Wide-Wide-World of Sports is going on here?!” The “Wide-Wide-World of Sports” was an old sports-based program.

When going into the Everfree Forest, Pinkie Pie says: “Seems nopony’s been here in ages.” That’s a “fourth wall” joke. The Everfree Forest hasn’t featured in an episode since “The Cutie Pox”, one of the early episodes of Season Two. (The forest in “Dragon Quest” was just a generic forest, not the Everfree Forest.)

The cave of the “Mirror Pool” is another underground magic location in the Everfree Forest, along with where the Tree of Harmony is located.

Pinkie mentions to her first clone that Rarity can make them t-shirts that say “Team Pinkie” on them. At the time, as “Twilight” crazes were going on, the fans of the series would wear “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob” shirts depending on which character they preferred. This might be an allusion to that.

Pinkie says: “Now I’m off to double my fun!” That’s two allusions rolled in one. The first refers to a popular series of Doublemint Gum commericials in the 80s-90s involving twins doing activities, with the jingle being “Double your fun!”. It’s also an allusion to Princess Luna’s infamous line from “Luna Eclipsed”: “Ha-ha! The fun has been doubled!”

The Pinkies, to me, remind me a lot of the title creatures in “Gremlins”.

Spike seems to have the uncanny ability to find magic books. First the book that has the legend of the Mirror Pond (again indicating that Pinkie Pie knows Twilight’s own library better than her), then, in Season Four, first the Power Ponies comic and later the Inspiration Manifestation book.

Really…there was an easy way to tell which was the real Pinkie Pie. Only one of them was depressed.

Probably the most off-the-wall, and infamous, joke from this episode is when one of the Pinkies says: “Bet’cha can’t make a face crazier than THIS!”…and makes the face of a G1 My Little Pony. I’m also quite fond of the Pinkie who grows fingers.


3.5 Stars out of 5