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While rummaging through Twilight Sparkle’s genealogy scrolls, Pinkie makes a surprising discovery that indicates she’s Applejack’s “fourth cousin, twice removed”, making her a member of the Apple Family. She’s overjoyed on going to tell the Apples, only for them to discover her family member’s name is smudged and may not be accurate, so she and the Apples plan a road trip to family member Goldie Delicious to tell for sure. The trip soon becomes a disaster. Big Macintosh overloads the wagon and breaks it; Apple Bloom dumps the map into the river by accident when they shift to rafting; Granny Smith’s stubbornness gets them going through a more dangerous route; Applejack’s insistence on taking charge breaks the raft wheel; and the Apples are progressively more at each other’s throats. On arriving at Goldie’s, they realize how bad of an example they’ve been and apologize to each other, only to find Pinkie still admires them because they were able to stick together in spite of their irritation. Unfortunately, Goldie reveals her own records are smudged and can’t conclusively say Pinkie is part of the Apple family, but Applejack assures her she already is regardless of what the family tree says. Back at home, Applejack and Pinkie write about the importance of family’s to stick together and how best friends are just like family, before Applejack and her own family break into an argument again…this time Pinkie (sort of) joining in.


Well, it’s not as good as the last episode, but it’s not “Castle Mane-Ia” either.

Again, the “curse of Applejack” is in play. In many ways, this looks like another go around at a “National Lampoon’s Vacation” type deal. Whereas “Apple Family Reunion” was a takeoff of “Christmas Vacation”, this is more off of the original. And, once again, the Apple family is so dull and “straight” there’s barely anything of interest there. Seeing as this episode is clearly done for fun and wackiness, that’s pretty bad. Unlike that episode, however, this one has Pinkie Pie, and she can pretty much inject some humor and fun into any episode she’s in by virtue of being there. Still, it’s not really enough to make this episode that great. On a second viewing it’s a bit better, and the song “Apples to the Core” is decent…but still there’s not much going for this episode. It might have been more amusing if Pinkie had ended up being an Apple, but not likely as she was that far removed.

If it wasn’t for one particular infamous reference in this episode, which no one would catch if they didn’t know where to look to begin with, it would be largely forgettable…but it’s “fair” at least.

Fun Facts:

Starting with this episode, Pinkie Pie would frequently be animated with constricted pupils, especially during her rants, to make her look more crazy. I honestly find it…disturbing.

Big Macintosh is tricked into saying “Eeyup”, but catches himself. Later, he’s about to get into a long-winded(for him) apology, but Granny Smith cuts him off.

There’s an infamous fan reference in this episode. When Apple Bloom grabs the map, she goes into a little cheer for herself that’s a knockoff of the infamous Youtube “Twilightlicious” series. She never gets to the “Applelicious” part, though…which might be another nod to the original series by Black Gryphon as Applejack never got to do hers, being cut off first by Big Macintosh and later by Derpy.

The Apples have “red eye” in the first picture Pinkie takes.

In probably the most “adult-oriented” and “disturbing” reference ever included on the show, and keeping with the Internet memes of this season, Slenderman is in this episode. Near the end, while Pinkie Pie is hopping up and down and says: “…You’re best friends!” and then leaps into Applejack, the screen pans over slightly. If you put the episode in slow motion, as the camera pans over and you look to the forest in the background on the right, a figure with a pale, blank face, a red tie, and a black suit pulls behind a tree as the shot pans over, but is at least partially visible for four or five frames of animation. One of those frames in particular shows him clearly. This is pretty much impossible to “perceive” unless you physically slow down the episode.

Goldie Delicious is voiced by Peter Mew, the voice of Big Macintosh.

Pinkie doesn’t actually “participate” in the argument at the end…just stands next to them and says “argue, argue, argue…bicker, bicker, bicker…”. 😀


2 Stars out of 5