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Angel Bunny wakes up one morning to find Fluttershy is missing and her other pets are running amok. After (somewhat unwillingly) being appointed to go find her, he leaves the house and sees Ponyville is deserted, with only the pets running around. He finally gets Wynona to sniff out Fluttershy, and to his surprise he finds she along with the rest of the town has been hypnotized by a kelpie named Cassie into tearing down the city dam. When he tries to intervene, Cassie uses her voice to get the town to turn on them, but they’re rescued by Owluiscious and Tank. Gathering up Gummy and Opalescence as well, Angel rallies the pets in Zecora’s abandoned hut and raids her potions to enact a plan. Wynona distracts some of the townspeople by using a slippery potion on her feet to slide around effortlessly and dodge their attempts to grab her, while Tank “airdrops” Opal into a crowd where she takes a gigantism potion to turn herself into a kaiju-sized cat that easily bats away anyone trying to stop her. Finally, Owluiscious airdrops Angel onto Cassie to give her a potion to turn her voice hoarse and therefore useless, but the hypnotized Twilight Sparkle stops him. However, Angel had Gummy as a backup plan to bite the kelpie’s tail, making her scream and thereby waking Twilight up. He gives her the potion and her off-key singing soon wakes everyone else up. She immediately insists that she had a good reason: she needed to get the water sprites with her back to the ocean but couldn’t because the Ponyville Dam was in the way and they can’t leave the water. Twilight forgives her on the grounds of “doing something silly to help a friend” and the Ponyville residents move the water sprites around the dam. Angel is upset that no one remembers anything while hypnotized, so no one knows he and the pets saved the day, but the other pets show they like him…except Opal, who, still gigantic, is flexing her claws on the nearby mountains.


It may only be one issue, but to me that only means more “concentrated fun”.

Again, this story arc, if you can even call it that, is a bit of a departure but it’s very enjoyable. It’s something that may be different but you can see the show plausibly doing: a nearly “silent” episode focusing almost exclusively on the pets of the Mane Six. And just like with the Mane Six, all of the pets are in character and have a rather amusing little story that nevertheless involves a bit of drama and storyline to go with it. I thought it was funny, cute, canonical, and just plain fun. It was actually a bit enjoyable to see Angel Bunny taking charge like a military commander. While Owluiscious is the one who’s normally seen as the smartest of the group, I can definitely see him doing all of this on the show.

As an additional bit of fun: Cassie. I’m sure she was a one-time character, but I read this after “Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks” came out. And while she’s referred to as a kelpie, it’s a little hard to not think of her as a siren like the Dazzlings. And as a result, I think this story is a bit intriguing. It shows you what a siren looks like in her “native surroundings” rather than a high school. That makes this more appealing to me.

So yeah, I like it. I even recommend it a little for a quick bit of fun. Probably my favorite arc after the “Nightmare Rarity” arc.

Fun Facts:

The first arc that’s a stand-alone story.

This arc likely takes place during Season Four, but see further below.

On one of the art pages for this arc, when all of the pets are sadly thinking about what happened to their owners, Opalescence’s thought bubble is pink colored, Owluiscious’ thought bubble is on parchment, and Gummy’s thought bubble is in crayon.

Angel wonders not only why is Fluttershy gone, but why she hasn’t made his coffee. 😛

There’s a poster for Cassie Kelpie and the Water Spirits advertising in one panel. It seems they were actually performing officially in Equestria before this whole mess happened.

Trixie is one of the enslaved ponies.

A kelpie is a Scottish mythological creature and is also known as a water-horse. Legend states that the Loch Ness Monster is one. While there are occasional stories of these creatures being benign, in most mythology they are demonic creatures who, as in many other folklore tales, appear as horses or beautiful men and lure people to their doom by drowning, and were used, most likely, as a cautionary tale to keep children from getting too near water or young women from running off with handsome men. However, the kelpie in this story is not only much more clearly a siren-like beast, having the ability to control vast multitudes through her singing, but is likely close to being the same kind of creature the Dazzlings from “Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks” are in their true forms. This one, however, ends up being far more benevolent.

Opalescence, like a stereotypical cartoon evil cat who doesn’t care if everyone else lives or dies, is amused at the thought of Ponyville being destroyed…until Angel points out it means she gets a bath.

Apparently, the other pets think Gummy is as crazy as Pinkie Pie.

There is no dialog in this story (other than Owluiscious hooting) until the ponies wake up from their trance.


3.5 Stars out of 5