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It’s nearing Hearth’s Warming Eve and the Apple Family is busy making preparations. While Granny Smith wants them all to take out time to spend with each other, Applejack is running herself ragged trying to make sure everything gets done. One morning, on waking up, the Apple Family discovers someone, or something, has stolen some of their apples and replaced them with squash. Granny says it’s the work of a mythological creature called the “Sass Squash”, who appeared years ago and she managed to catch a single picture of. She suggests that they should all work together to try and catch it, but Applejack insists she try to catch the creature herself while the rest of her family enjoy Hearth’s Warming Eve in peace. Yet in spite of numerous attempts, and numerous offers from the family to help, all of Applejack’s attempts end in utter failure. Finally realizing she’s making a mistake trying to do everything on her own, she returns to the family and recruits them to help her out. Working together, the Apples managed to finally catch the Sass Squash, only for it to pull its “head” off and reveal it’s Granny Smith in a big costume. She says years ago when Sweet Apple Acres started, the family ran themselves ragged with work all the time. When the Sass Squash appeared, they all tried to hunt it, which got their minds off of work and gave them an activity to do as a family. She had dug out the costume to try and get Applejack to ease up and spend time with the family doing something, but she realizes she learned to take time out for her family all on her own. Applejack writes to Celestia about the lesson she learned, and makes a startling discovery: Granny Smith took a second picture of the Sass Squash…this time with her in the picture as well, indicating the creature is real. At the same time, Granny leaves out a pie in the forest, which a strange squash-like creature comes and picks up.


Well, this one had a nice little moral…that was already done in Season One’s “Applebuck Season”…and again in Season Three’s “Apple Family Reunion”.

What is it with Applejack that she’s always so darn bland? Why is it the only thing they can ever pick out about her is “she’s stubborn”? I don’t know, but apparently the comic writers have the same problem. Whereas some of these arcs were something of a preview of future arcs, this one isn’t even terribly original except for the idea of a “Sass Squash”. Basically just a rehash of old plotlines and, as many episodes featuring the Apple Family as a unit, this one doesn’t really provide anything to write home about.

Still, it was kind of interesting to do a “comic song” with Applejack. It may have been more of the same that we’ve seen before, but I found it to be more entertaining if based only on sight gags and artwork alone than Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash’s arcs. It entertained me more as well. And, again, there was nothing really “bad” with it either. It wasn’t yawn-worthy like some of the storylines in Season Three were, so it had that going for it.

So, while I don’t think it was quite as good as the last one, I didn’t think it was too terrible either. Another “decent” run.

Fun Facts:

Granny Smith says “bet your bipper”. While that saying is so old no child would get it, I’m guessing it’s too crude for the show.

Big Macintosh still has Ms. Smartypants.

Applejack gets a song in this as well.


2.5 Stars out of 5