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A week into summer vacation, the Cutie Mark Crusaders have already used up all of their ideas for Cutie Marks, and so decide to look outside of Ponyville in the Everfree Forest for more ideas. While exploring, the ground gives way beneath them to drop them into a mysterious stone chamber where they find an odd giant gem. On taking it back to Rarity, they discover the gem apparently isn’t a gem when it opens innocent eyes and looks at them. Twilight reveals this is actually a creature called a “Mimicker” which can take any shape except ponies. This is a young one who is still in the phase of her life where she’s experimenting with forms until she finds one she enjoys and permanently takes it. Seeing she’s similar to them trying out things to get their Cutie Marks, the CMCs name her “Imp” and induct her into the group. The girls try giving her lots of shapes to turn into to see what she likes, but soon they get the idea to start having her turn into things for them to have fun with, and after a couple days fight over who gets to have her turn into something they want. Frustrated with their constant demands, Imp suddenly erupts in a blast of multiple forms and vanishes. The girls search for her and, on doing so, realize they were treating her like a toy rather than an individual, much less a friend. They all voice their sorrow and regret, prompting Imp to reappear. After apologizing to her personally, they return her to the cave where they found her, and write a letter to Princess Celestia that they hope when they’re more mature they’ll all be able to be friends again. As for Imp, it turns out the large pile of rocks behind her was her parent all along, and she begins to relay her story to her.


Yet another nice little story. I’m not sure it really has too applicable of a moral in real life situations, although it did feature a good little lesson and I think this episode would fit in well with the main series. Then again…there are situations in life where people make friends out of a desire simply to get something from them. Perhaps they have a favored status, or a great toy or video game system, or more money to flaunt around. Usually it’s the person with the desired good who has to learn a lesson about knowing who your real friends are and who is just using you. For once, this was a lesson on the other end of the spectrum…about how shallow it makes you to just use your supposed friends for what they can do for you. And that’s an important thing to learn too. Sure, it was somewhat hinted at in Season Four’s “Twilight Time”, but not quite as directly as here.

As CMC episodes go, it was more fun than a lot of the episodes in the series. They seemed to be a bit more action-orientated than usual, which is nice. It only had one good allusion, but man…it was a great one for me. I’m a big MSTie so I got really excited when I saw them pull that joke. It’s the kind of nerdom joke I had hoped for in the series.

The artwork is a bit crude but with more gentle strokes, I think it works well. The style is soft but it appeals to me, so I enjoyed it.

Another nice and entertaining entry in the series, and, again, better than a lot of CMC episodes to me.

Fun Facts:

It seems almost like where the girls landed is either where Pinkie Pie landed in Season Three or the Tree of Harmony was in Season Four.

While trying out various clothes designs, at one point Imp turns into a costume that looks like a gumball helmet, a gold upper head, and a dogbone-shaped satellite behind it. This is an allusion to the show “Mystery Science Theater 3000”. The gumball helmet is the head of Tom Servo, the gold upper head is the head of Crow T. Robot, and the dogbone is a model of the Satellite of Love, where the protagonists are stranded. The show is infamous for airing bad movies and showing the backs of the head of the main characters as they make fun of the film through a process called “riffing”. Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle are both positioned similar to how the characters on the show would be, and Scootaloo says: “What a riff!” Furthermore, Sweetie Belle says: “It stinks!” One of the most infamous moments from the series was during the Season Three episode “Pod People” in which one of the characters in the film gives an “ok” hand signal, and then says: “It stinks!”


3 Stars out of 5