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Many, many years ago, in a land ruled by centaurs and gargoyles, the teenage Tirek and his little brother Scorpan are wandering through the wastes of their land to the outskirts. While Scorpan is meek and a child who “sticks to the rules”, Tirek is rebellious and subverts the rules of his father, King Vorak, by meeting an outcast hermit named Sendak, who has been teaching him forbidden techniques. On arrival, Sendak is mad that Tirek brought Scorpan along but allows him to remain outside his cave as Tirek vouches for his loyalty and obedience. Sendak reveals that he captured a unicorn from nearby Equestria. Knowing unicorn magic is stronger than anything the centaurs possess, he states he’s trying to master the ability to absorb it. On leaving for home, it’s revealed that Tirek is the strongest at magic among the centaurs, and the king fears that his rebellious streak is leading up to the day when he will overthrow him and take over his reign. That night, Tirek, obsessed with the idea of obtaining unicorn magic for himself, returns to Sendak while he’s asleep and tries to absorb it. Unfortunately, in doing so he not only awakens the unicorn from a drug he was under, but inadvertently frees him and triggers a cave collapse, pinning Sendak in the cave. In spite of Sendak’s pleas for help, Tirek runs home and lies to Scorpan about having never left the castle. Unfortunately, the next day, it turns out Vorak found out about the unicorn and Sendak. He has the latter imprisoned in the dungeon for life while a formal apology is sent to Princess Celestia to hopefully avert a war. Tirek himself is put under house arrest. In spite of Scorpan trying to talk to him, Tirek waves him off and broods about how he will one day take over his country, journey to Equestria, and gain their power to become unstoppable…


Calling this a “let-down” after the previous issue is a bit of an understatement.

My only explanation for this arc is that Hasbro is planning to get more in depth with Tirek and Scorpan’s background in a future episode or want that option left open to them, because this issue is a big load of nothing. Seeing as there’s only a single unicorn in it period, it’s hard to believe you’re actually reading an MLP:FIM comic. It really doesn’t touch on anything that was alluded to in the series, taking place before any of the backstory Celestia gave at the end of Season Four. Tirek just seems like your basic jerky, rebellious teen who says “f*** the world” rather than is genuinely evil or heavy. Scorpan is such a goody-goody that it’s really no surprise he ended up siding with the ponies.

Really, this arc is pointless. It shows nothing of Tirek’s first attempted takeover of Equestria, how he was defeated, how Scorpan helped out, how they ended up locking him in Tartarus…nothing. All it shows is a rather mild slice of life in which Tirek tries to absorb unicorn magic for the first time and fails at it. Not dramatic or intriguing at all save for outlining the rest of Tirek’s race. Kind of odd that they have a society half gargoyle and half centaur…but whatever.

About the only part of this series that actually connects to anything is the couple-panel appearance of Discord in King Vorak’s court, revealing he was once “underneath” him. It’s the only hint as to how Tirek knew Discord before meeting up with him in the Season Four finale…but it explains little. Was Discord really underneath him or just visiting? Why would Discord content to be “underneath” anyone? Or “visit” anyone? He just likes making chaos. We know from Tirek’s dialogue on the show that Discord was imprisoned in stone before Tirek showed up to conquer Equestria himself, but why isn’t he ruling Equestria now? What is he doing here? Basically, all this arc does is raise even more questions.

There’s nothing “bad” about this arc, but this time I’ll say there’s nothing “good” or even “average” about it. It’s just…there. For no reason.

Fun Facts:

This arc revealed that Tirek was not just some random beast from a “far off land” but was actually a prince of a neighboring kingdom of Equestria.

The predecessors of the gremlins that showed up in Rainbow Dash’s Micro-Series were here. Seriously…were those two really all that popular that they keep showing up everywhere?

One of the members of King Vorak’s court is Discord. That raises a lot of questions with no answers.


1 Star out of 5