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The Mane Six pay a visit to the same castle that they imprisoned Chrysalis in at the end of “The Return of Queen Chrysalis”, now converted into a prison. On looking inside, they see the changelings have been put into cocoon stasis while Chrysalis herself has scrawled countless messages of hate for Twilight Sparkle and looks weak, despondent, and on the verge of death. The girls get to talking about past misdeeds of Chrysalis. At one point, there was a majestic floating city of Timbucktu where Sparkle-Eyed Pegasus lived, which she conquered and devoured by taking the form of a guard and destroying it from within, turning their king into a shriveled husk and stealing his crown for her own…first taking on the name “Queen Chrysalis”. In another instance, she played off the vanity of Emperor Incitatus of the kingdom of Trot to attack the town and devour the people there, but after only draining the emperor she was defeated by Celestia and imprisoned in a volcano. Eventually she was freed by a dragon, which she used mind control on to get to show off, then ripped his wing while he was posing to send him crashing into the same volcano. Intrigued by these tales, Twilight Sparkle asks Chrysalis where she came from, and she agrees to tell her if she opens the door to her cell enough to slip a book inside for her to read. Twilight chances it, only to find out the hard way this was a trick. Chrysalis seizes her and the changelings emerge, and she takes a moment to explain her origin: there is none. She and her brood are miscreated, hellish abominations that arose from a rotten acorn growing in a decaying slime pit off of the bones of a unicorn and Starswirl the Bearded’s blood. Before Twilight or anyone else can stop her, Chrysalis and the changelings escape, the former singing “This Day Aria” to triumphantly signal her return…


Yeah…hope you weren’t about to head to bed before the last few pages of this arc.

This is another arc that gets goofy but, unlike the one with the Sirens, it stays overall serious throughout. It’s very much in the spirit of the original “Return of Queen Chrysalis”, showing her for what she is…a pure, unadulterated, evil monster. However, unlike the previous time which showed her off as a savage, this one does much better, showing off that she’s very cunning and clever. Whereas the original arc that started the series did a good job of showing off Chrysalis’ malevolence, this pushes the envelope even further, crossing into disturbing nightmare territory.

The most horrendous thing is, naturally, the last part which reveals how Chrysalis came into being. She was a monster before, but…this? It brings to mind the origin of Aku in “Samurai Jack”, to be honest, although I’ll say this is even worse. Some wretched combination of decaying plant matter, carrion flies, rotting slime, unicorn remains, and the blood of Starswirl the Bearded… I think we can pretty much rule Chrysalis is evil incarnate if there was any doubt before. The repulsion as well as the look on her twisted evil face throughout most of this arc definitely makes this storyline the heaviest and darkest out of all of the “Fiendship is Magic” ones.

And since it’s setting up obviously another arc with Chrysalis, that means that it’s the perfect way to end the series.

What this all ends up meaning is the “Fiendship is Magic” arc is really a prelude to two new future arcs. Chrysalis will obviously be one…but I have a feeling the King Sombra one will actually surpass it. What does it mean for the Mane Six? Only time will tell.

Fun Facts:

A sequel to the very first story arc of the series: “The Return of Queen Chrysalis”. It’s also the only Fiendship is Magic where the Mane Six show up.

Twilight Sparkle personally planned a 1,000 year prison sentence for Chrysalis. That’s harsh. πŸ˜›

It’s revealed the Pinkie Pie costume was talking based on a spell by Twilight Sparkle.

Spike points out the fact that everything happened 1,000 years ago. “Must have been one heck of a year…” πŸ˜›

An interesting note about Chrysalis’ and the Changelings’ appearance in the flashbacks is that they are lacking their signature “holes” in their legs, indicating that they only got that way over time. It is unclear how at present.

Chrysalis’ crown is the modified remains of King Orion’s crown…but later changelings mistook it for weird antenna.

While listening to one story, Pinkie Pie is drinking “Colt” and eating “Hay-sinets”.

Rarity’s date is 8-Bit, from the “Neigh Anything” arc.

Starswirl the Bearded is back to looking like his “comic” self.


3.5 Stars out of 5