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Following Rarity’s opening of “Rarity-4-U” in Manehattan, an article about the store has been published in the Saddle Row Review including the testimonies of the Mane Six, most of whom are nervous because it exposes how they nearly ruined the opening event. In spite of their best efforts to stop her, Rarity gets a copy of the story first and reads it aloud to them. In doing so, she reveals that each of the girls nearly botched up their respective tasks to make the grand opening perfect that Rarity had entrusted to them: Twilight Sparkle kept redesigning the store, Applejack got the landlord and his daughter upset for rejecting her ideas, Fluttershy failed to evict a family of raccoons living in the back, Pinkie Pie was unable to keep a DJ rave club from being too loud upstairs, and Rainbow Dash had no idea who to hire as a sales associate. In the end, the girls managed to succeed by handling their tasks the way they saw best: Twilight organized the store using one of her methodical methods, Applejack allowed the landlord’s daughter to try out “spoon clothes”, Fluttershy let the raccoons stay on the condition they take a bath and act as waiters during the opening, Pinkie Pie brought the rave club into the boutique to be a unique venue, and Rainbow Dash ended up hiring all the candidates for sales associate when they all displayed determination to get the job. On concluding the review, the girls are all nervous that Rarity is upset that the opening didn’t go completely perfect, but she affirms that she can always count on them, “and nothing could be more perfect than that”.


There’s not really too much to say about this episode. It has a couple of wacky bits and interesting moments (my personal favorite is the angel and devil Raritys that Pinkie Pie talks to), and I like that it’s another episode where Twilight Sparkle is more like her Season 1-3 self. But all that aside, it’s pretty average all around. Nothing too monumental or heartwarming, nor outrageous and wild.

While it was an interesting take to try and go through this episode as a review/expose, I don’t think the concept really ended up adding anything to the episode. It would have had a better punch if the animators had used the opportunity to have wild things happening in the background or around the ponies being interviewed, showing the passage of time or crazy moments. As it was, there were only a fistful of those. Even the original characters aren’t terribly interesting.

As a result, this falls into the category of “thoroughly average” to me. Not bad, but not good either. There’s really not any more to say about it than that.

Fun Facts:

This episode was originally titled “Saddle Row & Rec” and was advertised as such all the way up to the premiere date.

Pony versions of Jules and Vincent from “Pulp Fiction” are at the diner. Based on how they’re dressed, it must be post-Marvin. 😛 The leads from “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” are also there.

The interviewer pony appears to be a pony version of J. Jonah Jameson from the “Spider-Man” franchise, in particular the version played by J.K. Simmons in the Raimi films.

During the review, Rarity and Twilight both order tea. Applejack orders pie. Rainbow Dash orders a shake and, at some point, sits in with Applejack. Fluttershy orders nothing although she seems to pay for Smokey and the family, while Pinkie Pie keeps ordering more food and lets the interviewer pick up the tab. :X

This is a bit of a personal observation, but I’ve noticed that almost everything done on the show happens in the span of one day, even if that seems unreasonable. It’s led me to have the theory that maybe the sun and moon do move on their own accord…but Equestrian days are longer than normal, thanks to Celestia and Luna.

Scootaloo’s coloration is apparently very popular. Tender Taps had it, and now Mr. Stripes’ daughter has it too. For the record, Mr. Stripes has the same coloration as Rarity. The middle “rave” pony has Pinkie Pie’s coloration and, honestly, I thought it was her in a couple scenes.

As one can imagine, the one scene where Applejack and Rainbow Dash are being interviewed together and did a “hoof bump” sent the Appledash shippers wilder than blood in a piranha tank.

Rarity pronounces the “3” in DJ-Pon-3.

Plaid Stripes, when interviewed, has spoon earrings; foreshadowing her idea for spoon clothes later.

Coco Pommel was hired as a sales associate for Rarity’s new boutique. That’s…kind of a demotion, actually. Oddly enough, she’s listed as “Miss Pommel” in the credits.

One of the most jarring moments of this episode is when it is revealed (at least) one of the Pinkie Pie clones is still running around. This only leads weight to the disturbing fan theory that the real Pinkie Pie accidentally got sealed in the Mirror Pool with the others.

To be honest, the spoon clothes seems to be the only way a non-unicorn can eat with utensils. 😛

Oddly enough, this is only the first episode this season to end with the normal theme.


2.5 Stars out of 5