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Rainbow Dash wakes up to a horrible surprise: her wings are missing. Using a cloud, she immediately rushes to see Twilight Sparkle about how it could have happened. By using a “Traumalocation” spell, Twilight discovers a trio of unicorns, Goldcap, Decepticolt, and Zappityhoof, stole Rainbow Dash’s wings using their magic with the intent of distilling them into a potion that will let them grow wings of their own and turn themselves into fake alicorns, or, as Twilight calls them, “pseudocorns”. The two rush off to stop them with Rainbow suggesting they switch roles with her coming in from the ground and Twilight from the air, but as both are out of their element they both fail and are captured. As the unicorns proceed to distill Rainbow’s wings into their potion, Rainbow gets an alternate idea. Rather than try to do things the opposite pony’s way, she tells Twilight to free herself and then use a special spell to put them both in control of Twilight’s alicorn body at the same time. As a result, Rainbow gets command of Twilight’s incredible magic power while Twilight gets Rainbow’s amazing flying ability, and their combined effort thrashes the unicorns with a Pseudo Sonic Rainboom and gets the potion just as it completes. Twilight punishes the unicorns for abusing their magic by temporarily removing it, and Rainbow drinks the potion herself to regain her wings. After thanking Twilight, Rainbow goes for a fast-paced fly to enjoy her restored ability, and, as soon as she’s out of eyeshot, Twilight straps on some goggles and does the same.


This one’s a bit interesting. While at it’s core it’s a Friends Forever story, with Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash getting a chance to “be each other” at the same time, it has the feel of a drama based episode. I think it pushes the envelope a bit with an act of pony mutilation, even if it was using magic, bloodless, and “off-screen”. I remember how jarring that was for the first read. And the trio of unicorns definitely have a “Dazzlings” vibe to them, especially Goldcap who, with her hair, almost looks like a clone of Adagio Dazzle. While it’s another case of simply leaving the villains behind, it still had a bit of satisfaction in them actually getting a punishment for a change; and a fitting one as they’d get to experience what it’s like to have someone take their own special talent away.

That could have fit as a nice little lesson about “do unto others”, but…this story isn’t going for that kind of vibe. It focuses more on a relationship with Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle, and…in that vein, it’s kind of different. Most of their interactions on the show are somewhat of a clash of personalities, as Twilight is the bookish nerd and Rainbow is the athletic slacker. Most of the time they’re together they act as a foil. While it wasn’t necessarily anything monumental for the normal friendship lesson episodes, it was nice that at the end they both got an appreciation for each other.

Aside from that, an entertaining storyline with nice visuals. Pretty much good all around. It may not have taught anything new or gotten too much into drama, but still a good little addition to the Friends Forever series.

Fun Facts:

Brenda Hickey, the same artist who did the almost psychadelic artwork for “Twilight Sparkle & Pinkie Pie”, does this one.

Apparently, pegasi do not need their actual wings to stand on clouds.

Spike…shares a bed with Twilight… O_o

Zappityhoof’s Cutie Mark is the Flash emblem from DC Comics. Decepticolt’s name is a parody of “Decepticon”, the name of the evil Transformers (also put out by Hasbro).

When being assisted by Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle is able to approximate a Sonic Rainboom. It shows she does actually have the natural ability to be a great flier…she’s just too awkward. 😛


3 Stars out of 5