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While attending his weekly tea party with Fluttershy, Discord realizes that he’s never invited Fluttershy over to his house, and insists on holding their next tea party at his place tomorrow. While going out and purchasing things for the tea party and simultaneously putting his own chaotic spin on them, his nature causes several ponies to ask if someone like him is really friends with someone like Fluttershy. After Pinkie Pie advises him the best thing he can do for the tea party is make Fluttershy feel comfortable, he begins to worry if the other ponies are right and his chaotic house and demeanor will show Fluttershy how different they are and cause her to not want to be friends anymore. As a result, he makes his house, appearance, and manners all “perfectly normal” for the visit. Yet when Fluttershy arrives, not only is she put off and even disappointed at how normal everything is, but she soon realizes that by being normal, Discord, a spirit of chaos, is slowly disappearing. Fluttershy quickly turns the house back into its old chaotic state to keep him from vanishing, but then asks why he did it. Discord confesses his fears, and, to his surprise, Fluttershy admits she likes his chaotic nature as it’s the opposite of everything she is, and assures him that their relationship “makes sense” to her. The two finish their tea party together, this time much more in line with Discord’s chaotic nature.


This episode aired early in Australia along with “The Perfect Pear”, and as a result was leaked on Youtube two weeks early. Needless to say, “The Perfect Pear” dominated pretty much all fan discourse afterward. That’s a real tragedy to me, because I feel this is not only possibly the best Discord episode but one of the best episodes of the entire series.

Both the IDW Comic and the main series have now handled the topic of “What would happen if Discord decided to be more normal?” I’ll get to the IDW Comic version someday, but…suffice to say it ended up going dark pretty quickly, although it did end up making the point that chaos in and of itself is not necessarily evil. This version was far more lighthearted, but also very sweet.

Discord himself is a bit of a controversial character among the fandom. While occasionally we get episodes like “Make New Friends but Keep Discord” which is him at his zaniest, most of his episodes have him being an outright mean-spirited troll. It’s very refreshing to see episodes like this one that not only get into a different side of his character but deeper into his relationship with the other characters, and manage to do so in a not-so-negative light like many others do.

Until this episode came out, there was a sense that the only reason Fluttershy is a friend of Discord’s is because she’s the only one who can actually put up with him. Yet, much to Discord’s surprise as well as that of the audience, this episode showed that Fluttershy actually likes his chaotic nature. She appreciates that he’s everything she isn’t: flamboyant, boisterous, exuberant, and even random. She actually feels that she’s opened up to more of the world by being friends with him. As for Discord, this episode showed that for all of his selfishness and childishness, Fluttershy is the one pony he’s willing to do anything for to make her happy.

The Fluttercord fans went ballistic over this episode. And in a fandom full of implied shippings and people making mountains out of molehills…for once, I actually believe it. This episode honestly made a good case for Fluttershy and Discord being a couple, right down to the embroidered pillow with them both on it. As odd as it is, like Fluttershy says: it “makes sense”. Ironically, his relationship with Fluttershy might be both the most chaotic and most harmonious thing Discord has ever done.

That alone would have made this a good episode, but it doesn’t stop there. It’s full of some of Discord at his best. I love the bits where he even goes so far as to “troll himself”, and what’s even more funny is that there’s a continuity to it where the Discord in glasses remembers everything that happened earlier in the episode. On top of that, Fluttershy trying to be chaotic is the most adorable thing she’s done in years. Everything just clicks in this episode, which is always a recipe for success.

I hate to say it, but probably the one thing I dislike about “The Perfect Pear” was that it had to overshadow this episode. This episode deserved a week of nothing but love from the fans.

Fun Facts:

The title of this episode is an oxymoron, or a phrase that appears to be a contradiction at face value (like “easy difficulty” or “cruel kindness”).

This is the second and final appearance of Discord this season.

Fluttershy has two embroidered pillows, one of which has her and Discord, but the other has Discord in his “stained glass” appearance from way back in “The Return of Harmony”.

The pinata is voiced by Andrea Libman, the same as Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie in this episode.

Anyone else find it weird that lava lamps are sold with all of the party favors?

The Discords get bored waiting for Discord to finish changing and all get on their cell phones.

Discord offers Fluttershy “milk toast”. A “milquetoast” is an individual who is particularly shy and timid, but, in the sense of a larger group, can also refer to someone who is so withdrawn that they’re boring or dull. The latter case seems to be the joke in this episode.


4 Stars out of 5