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Pinkie Pie is celebrating Rainbow Dash’s 73rd practice as a Wonderbolt with a very special custom-made blueberry pie, as she always presents Rainbow Dash with a pie for all major (and mundane) events since she believes she is her greatest fan when it comes to her pie-making abilities. Yet soon after dropping off the pie at the Wonderbolt Barracks, Pinkie thinks she catches a glimpse of the same pie being discarded in the garbage. After a bit of investigation in Ponyville and the barracks, she discovers evidence indicating that Rainbow Dash frequently gives the pies Pinkie bakes for her away, and she realizes she has never actually seen Dash take a bite out of any of her pies. Realizing that Dash has possibly been lying to her for years about liking her pies, she sets out to catch her in the act by deciding to continuously bake pies for her until she admits the truth or is caught in her lie. Through a tremendous amount of effort, Dash manages to dispose of each pie Pinkie presents her with and pretend to have eaten it, until finally she ends up cornered when Pinkie gives a pie to every single pony in town and Dash’s attempt to dispose of the pie via balloon drops it on her head. Her lie exposed, Pinkie is infuriated and storms off. Not long after, however, Dash goes to Sugarcube Corner again and reveals, to atone for not eating any of the pies she has made, a monstrous pie out of garbage and indigestible muck she plans to eat in front of her. Before she can take a bite, however, Pinkie stops her on realizing Dash went to such lengths of concealing or disposing of each pie because she wanted Pinkie to be happy about her saying how much she enjoyed the pies, just like she wanted Dash to be happy by making the pies for her in the first place. The two reconcile, and Pinkie gives Dash permission to be honest from now on.


Every season needs a wacky Pinkie Pie episode. 🙂 They’re almost their own subgenre to the show as a whole. Episodes like “Party of One”, “A Friend in Deed”, “Too Many Pinkie Pies”, and “The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows” all focus exclusively on Pinkie Pie and, as a result, gain an element of cartoonish surrealism to them…not only from Pinkie’s presence and normal physics-defying behavior, but from her own somewhat-warped mentality. And the same goes for “Secrets and Pies”.

While “Party of One” will set a record for the darkest a Pinkie Pie episode has ever been, this episode runs in second. Pinkie Pie’s “crazy” faces in this episode are quite noticeable, especially in one scene where her pupils drift apart as they did in “Party of One”. Her more crazed and scary-sounding side of her personality comes forth as it did in that episode when she has reason to think a friend is tricking her, and just as in that episode she develops a complex based off of her own wild imagination…both of which are times in which Pinkie goes from looking wacky and silly to looking insane. It doesn’t help that this episode focuses on a relationship between Pinkie and Rainbow Dash, who were the two in the notorious fanfic: “Cupcakes”. Especially in the last scene, which also points out one of the more disturbing parts of “Party of One”…namely in that Pinkie does things that she personally finds fun but nopony else necessarily does (occasionally even feeling disturbed).

But, all in all, this episode is milder than “Party of One”, and has plenty of normal-level silliness of Pinkie Pie as well. If you didn’t have a problem with “Party of One”, this one will be a breeze.

Aside from that, it’s got everything you would expect from Pinkie Pie. Crazy meme-worthy faces, wild moments defying logic even for the show, lots of gags and allusions, stoic Gummy being indifferent to everything, and even a crazy hallucination by Pinkie of a crudely-outlined, pie-hating Rainbow Dash.

If I had to fault it, as a nitpick I would say Twilight and Applejack were a tad too hard on Dash…but just a tad. I’m not sure how many people can see Pinkie’s point of view in this episode, but I can. As an amateur writer, I have dealt with situations before where people have given me the impression they thought I was a marvelous writer and loved my work. As a result, I not only got enthusiastic, but I started working harder to make my material closer to perfect so I could further please them. Sometimes I even start forfeiting my time for other activities or interests just to try and get something done sooner for the person who says what I write is great. I have had people turn around after all that and admit they aren’t really reading my stuff and were just saying things like that to “be polite”. I guarantee you that my feelings were hurt in spite of what they thought was the “polite” thing to do. Sometimes it gets so bad that I begin to hate the whole concept of “being polite” if it means this. It makes me not only upset that they lied to me, but it also makes me have less appreciation for my own writing ability and diminishes my trust in the praise of others as a whole. And yes, I would have preferred it if right at the onset they had simply said they weren’t interested in my work or didn’t care for it. Would I have been sore? Possibly…but not as much as them pretending to like my work and revealing much later they actually hated it and were lying all along.

So, all in all, it was another great Pinkie Pie episode. A nice bit of fun before we started digging back into the overarching plot in the final three episodes.

Fun Facts:

Derpy is mailpony again at the start of this episode.

With anypony else, I’d criticize Pinkie Pie for hitting the junk food a bit too hard at the start of the episode. Considering how hyperactive she is, however, she might starve to death like a bird in winter if she doesn’t constantly stuff her face with sugar.

Rainbow Dash’s nickname is still “Crash”. Yay for continuity. 😛 On a similar continuity note, Sky Stinger and Vapor Trail are in the background during Pinkie Pie’s conversation with her.

Prehensile wings again as Rainbow Dash carries the pie on one wing.

After Pinkie accosts the trashpony, the segue to the Party Planning Cave is the same as the old 1960s “Batman” segues, only using a pie instead of the Batman emblem.

When Rainbow Dash launches the It’s-Not-Your-Birthday-But-Here’s-A-Pie-Anyway pie up to the windowsill, the pony who ends up with it joyfully exclaims: “It’s not even my birthday!” Nice little joke. 🙂

Pinkie Pie digs out her detective hat and pipe from “MMMystery on the Friendship Express”. She’s much better at mystery solving now.

Another instance of Pinkie’s mane being prehensile. She can actually write with it.

Nicole Oliver got a decent amount of voice work in this episode. She voices both Dr. Fauna and Ms. Cheerilee.

“Animals just can’t digest pony food.” And ponies are renown for eating pies in the wild. 😛

Another nice little gag. Earlier in the episode, Tank’s x-ray shows the entire pie, unchewed and complete, is in his stomach. One might think that’s just a joke, but no…later in the episode, it’s revealed he does indeed swallow pies whole.

“We have to make sure you didn’t sustain any internal injuries.” Is it even possible for that to happen to Pinkie Pie? 😛

Yet another nice bit is how Applejack and Twilight’s reactions to Dash apologizing to Pinkie differ.


3.5 Stars out of 5