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Shortly after Mayor Mare dedicates and opens a brand new playground on a plot of land donated by the Apple Family, an earthquake suddenly destroys it in spite of the fact the ground has been stable for years. Some of the Ponyville citizens end up blaming the mayor for not being better prepared for the incident, in spite of her insistence that not all disasters can be prepared for and some have to be dealt with as best as they can when they show up before making sure they don’t happen again. Filthy Rich seizes the opportunity of discontent to make his own bid to run for mayor, leading to Ponyville needing to hold its first election in years. All of the girls are divided, each wanting to vote for a candidate for different reasons, and Twilight Sparkle herself ends up joining Mayor Mare’s campaign team. Filthy runs an aggressive campaign making a great deal of promises for benefits for everypony, swaying a majority of the voters, while Mayor Mare’s own campaign of only making sure ponies get what they need rather than things they want but can’t have ends up falling flat. Filthy Rich wins the election and starts off with a fresh slew of promises, capping with a vow that no earthquakes will ever happen in Ponyville again…right before one demolishes a house.

As soon as Filthy Rich is sworn in, things start going bad. The earthquakes continue to destroy parts of Ponyville, the new Hoofball Stadium is being built right next to Fluttershy’s property (keeping her and the animals up all night), taxes are soaring in a vain attempt to try and pay for all of Filthy’s promises, the new playground he builds is made using the cheapest labor and materials and falls apart instantly, and pretty much all other promises he made he has to renege on. The girls try to ask (Former) Mayor Mare for help, but she answers not only can one pony not fix everything, but she’s not the mayor anymore. At a town hall meeting that night, Filthy gets pelted by the furious townsfolk and vainly tries to promise them more to pacify them, which prompts Mayor Mare to make an appearance and set the townsfolk straight that an elected official’s job is to make plans, work hard, and fix things when they go wrong. At that moment, the source of the earthquakes reveals itself: a tatzlwurm. Mayor Mare ends up rallying the town and using them to drive the monster off. Filthy Rich, ready to be done with politics, begins to go about the long bureaucratic process to resign from being mayor and turn it over to her, while Fluttershy finally gets some sleep.


Considering the timing of this issue on when it came out and the content, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that this was poking at one 2016 US Presidential Election candidate in particular. However, I don’t agree even if that was the intention. The moral of this one could apply to pretty much any political candidate, including both Presidential ones in 2016 or any election.

The moral is a pretty good one for living in any sort of republic or democracy, or even for something as simple as putting your trust in anyone such as a lawyer or salesman: be careful about individuals who tell you what you want to hear and stop to think about whether or not they can deliver. This goes certainly for candidates you are not in favor of but more so for ones that you are, as you’re likely to simply hear what you want to hear in those cases. The problem is the lesson was more one for the citizens of Ponyville as a whole rather than just Filthy Rich, although he still needed one of his own. After all, they were the ones who fell for Filthy’s promises to begin with.

Other than that, it’s a pretty good story. I tend the Apples were a bit more ornery and hostile than they needed to be, but it was fairly entertaining. I noticed with Agnes Garbowska’s art style that the comic story can be more “drawn out” because she tends to draw big characters with fewer word balloons in a panel, so that even though this is a two-issue comic it feels more like a one-parter. While I normally didn’t take Filthy Rich for the politician type, I’ll admit that in the situation he seems appropriate. The only real alternative would have been to create an OC just for the issue, and it would have had less of an impact that way. Ironically enough it didn’t seem to have the same amount of laughs as the previous arc, but I liked the inclusions not only of Starlight Glimmer (appearing on equal footing with the rest of the Mane Six is always a plus) but also giving a bit of time to Diamond Tiara, who has had little reason to be in the series since Season Five.

All in all, a nice little story.

Fun Facts:

This was the first IDW arc to feature Starlight Glimmer as a character, although the events of “The Cutie Map” were mentioned in an earlier issue.

At this point, “Crusaders of the Lost Mark” had taken place, so Diamond Tiara was finished being a bully. I think the few lines she got in this arc was the most use they’ve had for her character since. 😛

After the town meeting, the girls return to the Castle of Friendship for a snack. They aren’t actually eating at the Cutie Map but the dining room, but, for some reason, Twilight’s chair is in there…

One of the mayor’s aides that’s spazzing out is named Nervous Nellie. Please don’t tell me her special talent is being nervous. 😛

In spite of the fact that “Slice of Life” called him “Doctor”, in this issue the Doctor Who pony is officially named “Time Turner”.

Pinkie Pie is dressed as Abraham Lincoln for election day. Was there an Abraham-Lincoln-Pony at one point…?

Starlight raises the question of if “Mayor” is a part of Mayor Mare’s name. 😛

Boffyball, from Rarity and Gilda’s “Friends Forever” issue, gets a callback.

Apparently, at one point, Filthy broke the fourth wall and promised background characters more screen time. 😛

The Tatzlwurm, which first appeared in “Three’s a Crowd”, is back. Apparently it behaves just like the Grab-oids in “Tremors”: attracted to small sounds but scared away by really loud ones.

One of Andy Price’s cover illustrations features the pony version of Tara Strong voice acting for Twilight Sparkle, and not being happy with IDW’s choice in dialogue. 😛


3 Stars out of 5