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While Fluttershy is headed out to see how her new animal sanctuary is progressing, she tasks Angel Bunny with (somewhat reluctantly) managing all of the animals from Dr. Fauna’s waiting to use it. Unfortunately, his attempts to lay down the law go nowhere, so, taking a cue from Fluttershy, he ends up rounding up the rest of the Mane Six’s friends to help. Not satisfied with that, he also manages to draw the Cutie Mark Crusaders in as well. Nevertheless, in spite of the increased numbers, the group is overwhelmed trying to manage all the animals. Angel finally hears Fluttershy approaching and assumes he’s saved, but on going out to meet her he overhears how the sanctuary’s current progress is a disaster and she needs to start over, but that she knows she can at least count on Angel. This prompts him to cover up for the current chaos to not give Fluttershy further stress, and she promises to reward him with pampering after she’s done. This give Angel an idea, and he directs the CMCs and other pets to break the animals off into groups for separate rounds of “pet care”, including exercise, training, and affection. As a result, he gets all of them managed and quieted. Fluttershy comes back and thanks everyone for their hard work, especially Angel Bunny, whose pride at the compliment is short-lived when she reveals he’ll have to manage all the animals for a few more days.


By the time this issue came out, the “Friends Forever” series had concluded and the “Legends of Magic” comic was next up to bat. As a result, the main series got more one-shots like this. For this particular issue, the comic had already had one issue that highlighted Angel Bunny taking charge of the other pets. This one can be seen as a logical progression of it, although it’s a bit more in tune with an episode like “Just for Sidekicks”.

There’s not too much to say about this one. It’s just an amusing side story to “Fluttershy Leans In” that shows what exactly all of those animals did while they were waiting for the shelter to be built. There is one thing it does a bit different from the main series. Angel Bunny’s behavior on the cartoon ranges from just manageable to spoiled rotten to downright abusive. Fluttershy has been shown to need to bribe him to get him to behave in a lot of situations, and even when other ponies are being nice to him he’s still often rude. This comic is a bit of an alternate take by showing that, at least to a degree, Angel Bunny is a loyal pet who would make himself uncomfortable for the sake of pleasing Fluttershy. He even makes sure she doesn’t learn about what’s going on with the animals in her house to not cause her further stress. While it’s nice, it’s also almost OOC…though not entirely. Angel can be spoiled and rotten when it comes to other individuals who are supposed to be caring for him, but in a situation that Fluttershy gives him to do that might be something else.

Other than that, another issue where there isn’t much to say aside from Jay Fosgitt’s unusual yet stylized rendition of the MLP characters. As noted in the fun facts, it’s a bit shocking that this issue was so flush with the main series (right down to Angel Bunny having a broken foot throughout the entire issue) given the timing, but that’s about it. Once again, another solid middle-ground one.

Fun Facts:

Canonically, this issue takes place during the events of Season Seven’s “Fluttershy Leans In”. That actually highlights how well knit IDW was with DHX Media during Season Seven, as that episode had only aired two weeks prior to this issue being published (meaning the comic staff had to know about it months in advance).

Apparently, at least in the comic, Fluttershy can manipulate Angel Bunny as well. 🙂

Scootaloo proclaims: “Here we come to save the day!”, a knockoff of Mighty Mouse’s catch phrase.

There’s a number of callbacks to Season Three’s “Just for Sidekicks”, which is a bit ironic because, like with this comic to “Fluttershy Leans In”, “Just for Sidekicks” was a side story to “Games Ponies Play”.


2.5 Stars out of 5