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Discord is seeing Fluttershy home after her latest visit to his dimension for their weekly tea time, but both of them soon make a pair of discoveries. One is that Maud Pie is looking around for Pinkie Pie, who has apparently gone missing. The other is that Discord is suddenly and inexplicably losing his powers to create chaos. Fluttershy takes Discord to Twilight and Starlight and they end up suggesting he go home to “recharge”, but on attempting to help him open a portal to his chaotic dimension they’re shocked to instead see Pinkie Pie on the other side. Discord, who usually doesn’t bother “closing the door” behind him, realizes that Pinkie accidentally went into his dimension, and given her normally silly and crazy self she’s right at home there and has begun to absorb its power. He also fears that since Pinkie is a normal earth pony that the surge in power might drive her insane. When Discord and the Mane Six manage to enter his dimension to go after her, they find that fear is justified as Pinkie has taken over the dimension and now sees herself as “the Princess of Chaos” and wants to turn Equestria into an endless giant party. Discord, however, challenges her for the right to ownership of the dimension by inventing a “Cuckoo Cook-Off”: a competition to see which one of the two can invent the most crazier and creative ideas with the first individual who runs dry being forced to relinquish ownership of the dimension. In spite of all of the ideas Pinkie comes up with, Discord trumps them all and still has more to spare at the end and wins. Pinkie loses her power but regains her sanity. He sends all of the girls home afterward, but not before admitting to Rarity that he had, in fact, only managed to beat Pinkie by one idea and that he needs to brush up on his “game”. Once all are away, however, he says to the audience that he may keep some of Pinkie’s ideas to keep them from going to waste.


It’s a Pinkie Pie issue, so you have to expect a little craziness. And since it’s also Discord, you have to expect a little chaos. While this didn’t have as many hidden jokes as other issues, it’s still quite a colorful, energetic, and entertaining trip. Especially for a one-issue arc.

This issue likely touched on a lot of fan thoughts. Pinkie Pie is so chaotic and crazy that she often appears to be a cartoon character from a completely different show, so at many times it seems like she would be right at home with Discord’s normal brand of chaos. So this issue touched on an interesting idea: what if someone as hyper and chaotic as Pinkie actually had Discord’s power? Well, we never get to see how she might have redone Equestria, but we get a decent look at it.

This also touches on a concept that’s kind of been roaming around in the background of the show ever since “Party of One”: namely that Pinkie Pie might not only not be completely right in the head but occasionally does things that she finds entertaining that nopony else might. While the comic goes out of its way to show that Pinkie losing herself to the power and becoming corrupted was naturally expected just based on being an earth pony in command of a chaotic dimension, the fact remains that Pinkie Pie is the most plausible of the Mane Six going crazy in this situation even if Discord hadn’t spelled everything out. As a result, this is a bit of another creep-factor stories in showing the dark side of Pinkie Pie as I personally don’t see it as much of a stretch. However, unlike many other instances, this one has Pinkie actually acting apologetic at the end and wanting to go home, so it’s probably the tamest depiction.

Aside from that, there is the fact that this was the first Discord-centered story after “Chaos Theory”, which also had as its central plot Discord’s power going haywire in a sense. Yet both stories offered a chance for Discord to build a greater relationship with the Mane Six and appreciate him beyond him just being someone there to troll them from time to time. Pinkie’s design as an alicorn princess is pretty cool too. So all in all, a nice little one-shot.

Fun Facts:

Canonically, this takes place after “Discordant Harmony”.

The exact nature of how to get in and out of Discord’s “home dimension” has never been adequately explained on the show proper, but it does seem as if normal ponies are capable of getting in and out of it at least. By comparison, one of the key attributes of this issue is the idea that normally ponies can’t get in.

When searching for Pinkie in Discord’s dimension, he breaks the fourth wall and turns the comic book’s page.

Over the years there’s been tons of fanart of what the various members of the Mane Six would look like as alicorns, but this one was the first to have Pinkie Pie temporarily turn into one.

“Princess Chaos” still has the Laughter Element of Harmony, but her Cutie Mark has added more balloons in addition to the other physical changes.

The panels of the Cuckoo Cook-Off between Discord and Pinkie Pie are using a system similar to some video games showing respective power of the opponents and how it decreases/increases with time.

During the Cuckoo Cook-Off, a gremlin once again cameos.

Discord sends Rarity back home via creating an oversized Chutes & Ladders game.


3 Stars out of 5