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Sunburst gets a surprise visitor in the form of an irate Starlight Glimmer, upset that he apparently forgot she was in town and didn’t make plans to do anything with her while there. To “make it up to her”, she reclines in his bed and has him read her Starswirl’s story about Flash Magnus…

Long after Flash Magnus’ heroic incident with the dragons, an incident with the Cloudsdale weather factory accidentally created a legendary superstorm that now threatened to destroy Cloudsdale itself. Hoping to head it off while it was still building strength over Griffonstone, Captain Ironhead picked himself and the four strongest members of the Royal Legion to lead an advance attack to break it up before it even hit the city; with Flash Magnus being one of the four. On reaching the borders of Griffonstone, however, the griffons accused them of using the storm to attack Griffonstone and refused their help, saying that any attempt to cross the border would be considered an act of war. Angry at their stubbornness, Ironhead ordered the group to pull back despite Flash’s protests until the storm crossed the border. However, not only did the griffons fail to stop the storm themselves, but a griffon town on the border was now in danger. As the weather began to hit and grew too violent for the griffons to escape, Flash disobeyed Ironhead’s orders to leap in and try to save the civilians, prompting his three comrades to do the same. Once the civilians were safe, they rejoined Ironhead to decimate the storm as well just as intended, but at the end of it Ironhead commended them for their act rather than reprimanded them. As a result of the incident, the griffons lauded the pegasi as heroes and the tradition of both pegasi and griffons attending Junior Flyers camp began as a result.

Starlight remarks it was a nice “fairy tale” but she’s interested in learning about the real reason pegasi and griffons attend Junior Flyers camp together, with Sunburst remarking that he and Twilight’s bookwormishness is rubbing off on her.


Oh boy…you read too much into this one and you start getting into a rather controversial lesson.

Again, I suffered a touch of disappointment that one of the more “warlike” members of the Pillars of Old Equestria was relegated to stopping a natural disaster.  Unlike the previous entry with Rockhoof, however, this one doesn’t have a terribly good moral in it. The fact of the matter was there was a bit more at stake than hurt feelings and wounded pride in Flash Magnus not being able to jump in and help the griffons. The griffons had considered it an act of war if they tried. And just like Captain Ironhead said, they would have made the situation worse if they had to deal with not only the storm but a war in the aftermath. The fact that everything not only worked out in the end but Flash Magnus became a hero is not only a case of getting lucky…it’s possibly a rather biased social commentary.

The USA frequently gets slammed, for example, for considering itself to be the “world’s police”. For intervening in conflicts around the world in the name of helping protect more lives in the long run. Not only do these intentions often backfire, it often earns the ire of people both within the countries we’re trying to aid as well as world-wide at the ethnocentrism…basically asking us who are we to tell them they need us to protect their interests. The situation in this story isn’t too far removed from that. Any way you look at it, it was a more powerful country deciding that this other country needed them to violate their laws in order to “rescue them”.

And knowing how grumpy griffons are in the show? They probably would have normally lived up to their threat of declaring war while the griffons themselves probably would have been less than grateful. So even the reactions of the griffons are a bit OOC, even if it does explain the minor mystery of how griffons and pegasi attend the same event in spite of being rather hostile species to one another.

Because of all this, I mark this one a bit down compared to the others.

Fun Facts:

Sunburst is staying in the “Royal Suite” in Canterlot, the same room Rarity stayed in “Sweet and Elite” and Twilight Sparkle stayed in “Princess Spike”.

One of the Royal Legion pegasi says the emergency has something to do with “chocolate milk rain”, a reference to Discord’s first appearance in “The Return of Harmony”.

Nimbus Dash tends to act and talk a little like Rainbow Dash, but given the unrelated nature of most pony names it’s highly unlikely she’s an ancestor.

The situation in this story is actually similar to Star Trek’s infamous Kobayashi Maru test AKA the “No-Win” Scenario…although, in true MLP:FIM fashion, the protagonists get to have-it-all.


2 Stars out of 5