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Sunburst is puzzling over the right way to pronounce the main character of his latest story (“Somnambula”) when it runs into Pinkie Pie fresh off of her adventure with Rainbow Dash and A.K. Yearling and planning a Canterlot party. On seeing it’s a story about her new favorite legend, she insists on hearing the story, and then insists on reading it to Sunburst when the latter informs her he doesn’t “do voices”…

Shortly after completing the challenges of the Sphinx, Somnambula was summoned by Prince Hassan again–this time to deal with a snake the size of his palace attacking the kingdom and threatening to devour it. Taking only a wooden pole with her, Somnambula approached the snake and tried to talk with it only to be promptly eaten. However, once inside, she began to proceed through the body of the snake, encountering numerous buildings and ponies it had eaten already. She talked to each one she met before giving them a piece of her glowpaz to light their way back to the mouth of the snake, and discovered that the snake had progressively gotten bigger with each new pony it ate. Finally, at the end of the snake, she ran into an old pony magician, who admitted that the whole thing occurred because he tried to catch a pesky snake that kept eating his ingredients by giving it a charmed rock that would make it grow larger with everything it ate. Somnambula found the rock and, trusting to hope that removing it from the snake would make it shrink, she flew the wizard back to the front of the creature and had everyone use the wooden pole to pry open the jaws just enough to fling the rock out. Her hope ended up justified as the snake shrank and vomited everypony out, and Hassan and the kingdom learned a lesson about never giving up hope.

Sunburst, seemingly emotionally scarred from hearing Pinkie Pie’s knack for voices, quickly excuses himself with the book and vows to read the next story by himself, this one about Mage Meadowbrook…


Alright, I’m not waiting for the “Fun Facts” section. Let’s kick this off with the elephant in the room.

Whereas the comic and the main series managed to be cohesive on most characters, there’s little mistaking that the Somnambula portrayed in the main series and the Somnambula portrayed in the comic are two different characters. While she’s one of the least-covered from a personality standpoint in the main series (not even getting a voice actor until “Shadow Play”), she comes off as sagacious, reserved, and taciturn. By comparison, while she still is wise in her own way in the comic, she’s also cheerful, optimistic, and seemingly trusts to hope so much that she appears downright flippant in many situations. In other words, she asks like a somewhat wiser and more mature version of Pinkie Pie.

It’s a bit of a cheat at attempting characterization to me–essentially making her, in most ways, a transposed version of Pinkie Pie with wings. Yet nevertheless, it does make sense. The fact is by making Somnambula the way she is in the main series she’s virtually indistinguishable from Mistmane other than in style and origin. And by giving her this sort of personality it makes sense that Pinkie Pie would gravitate to her.

As for the story itself, eh…to me it was just alright, but that’s just me. Even if the characters are more varied to give the whole “Legends of Magic” a broader range, which is never a bad thing, the fact remains that since it’s a disconnect from the main series it seems a bit OOC of everyone. I’ll give it some credit for the moral being a bit better than the one in the original story, where Somnambula succeeded by first being clever and then being able to walk in a straight line…which doesn’t require relying purely on hope for too much. By comparison, here she didn’t know for sure that she’d be able to save the palace, get the other ponies out, or even save herself; but she chose to hope that she could, directed everyone accordingly, and as such when opportunity came to pass they were all ready. Not the most solid of lessons, but appropriate here. However, the fact is Pinkie Pie is one of the members of the Mane Six who I don’t always jibe with, and the fact that it’s happening again here isn’t lost on me. It doesn’t help that Somnambula often seems to embody one of Pinkie’s worst traits, which is where she gets so cheerful she reaches the point of flippancy. So that kind of irked me.

Nevertheless, I found it better than the last one, and if it gave Somnamubla more character to admire than simply “an Egyptian-themed pegasus”, more power to it.

Fun Facts:

Chronologically, this takes place immediately after “Daring Done?”.

Pinkie Pie, the only member of the Mane Six to appear in the “Legends of Magic” series, pops into this issue. She’s present to throw a comic-exclusive character a birthday party: Tiberius (Luna’s opossum).

Somnambula uses her glowpaz similar to emergency fluorescent lighting, breaking off a piece and shaking it to light it up.


2.5 Stars out of 5