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Starlight Glimmer sees Sunburst off from Canterlot for home in the Crystal Empire, but he’s eager to keep reading Starswirl’s old legends to discover something about history before Twilight Sparkle. Wanting a story with a touch of “realism” in it, he goes for a story about Mage Meadowbrook…

Following becoming a healer, Mage Meadowbrook traveled far and wide all over Old Equestria helping ponies wherever her services were needed. One day, however, she ran short of supplies and was caught in a downpour, forcing her to go to the town of Mareidin for shelter. On arrival, she found the town abandoned until she tried to get shelter in the Inn. On lighting the lanterns, she found the town filled with zombified ponies. Determined to cure them but also not wanting to get infected by the same thing that plagued them, Meadowbrook made a series of daring escapes until she managed to barricade herself inside the town’s oats barn, where she found a large swarm of Nilson Swamp Frogs eating the oats. Realizing they contaminated them, she was able to make a cure. Following that, she opened the doors to let the swarm of sick townsponies in and splashed or force-fed them all; curing the town. They tried throwing her a victory feast in honor but, unfortunately, all of the town’s oats were contaminated, and soon after Meadowbrook bid farewell and went on the road to find another town to cure.

Sunburst begins to critique the story when the train suddenly arrives at the Crystal Empire, knocking out one of the books from his “blind buy” onto his head. He realizes the journal has the same emblem as Starswirl the Bearded and begins to read it, but doesn’t get very far before he screams he has to get back to Canterlot and Twilight Sparkle…


And with this, the first half of the “Legends of Magic”, that was devoted to individual stories about the Pillars of Old Equestria, was concluded. As far as the note it ends on, it’s fine. It’s a solidly average entry for Mage Meadowbrook. Unlike the other stories which had a bit of a moral to them, this one is simply a short adventure for the healer. It relies on zombie ponies again but doesn’t go for nearly as many gimmicks as, say, “28 Pranks Later”. There also aren’t too many gags. About the only thing that sort of sticks out is the narrator’s somewhat unusual reading compared to the others, since the narrator is pretty much the only voice in it other than Mage Meadowbrook talking to herself.

Because of that, there’s really not much to say. It’s likely IDW wanted to hurry up and close the first half of this series because they needed to get going on the much more plot intensive and character driven second half, not to mention had to meet show deadlines on releases. And so I don’t have much to say either.

Fun Facts:

Chronologically, this takes place after “Uncommon Bond”. The final panel leads directly into “Shadow Play”.

A recurring joke in this one is for the narrator to agree with Meadowbrook every time she states the obvious.

There’s technically a bit of redundancy in this one. Meadowbrook says that the Nilson Swamp Frogs are poisonous only if they’re ingested. Technically, by definition “poisonous” means it’s harmful if you eat it. “Venomous” refers to something that can be toxic or harmful without eating it.

Meadowbrook magically gets her mask (having abandoned it with her cart).

Was “Funky Ninja Action Music” actually written into the legend…? I’d be skeptical too.


2.5 Stars out of 5