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After finishing practice, Rainbow Dash learns from the other Wonderbolts that it’s a Wonderbolt tradition that every member has ridden the greatest roller coaster in Equestria, Las Pegasus’ “The Wild Blue Yonder”, but that it’s being shut down in only a few days. Unable to make it to Las Pegasus due to needing to teach class, Dash asks Applejack to cover her classes, and she agrees on the condition that Dash act as chaperone for the “Golden Horseshoe Gals”, a group of elderly mares from her family including Granny Smith who make a yearly visit to Las Pegasus for the weekend, and follows a strict regimen. Dash ends up reluctantly agreeing, but as a result of following Applejack’s list of rules in a desperate attempt to keep any of the mares from getting overexerted and thereby aborting the trip, she not only ruins the trip for the four of them but never manages to get enough time away from the group to wait through the colossal line for the coaster. On the final day of the trip, as well as the final day of the coaster operating, the mares confront Dash who confesses everything and moans about having spoiled their fun as well as having lost a chance to ride the coaster. However, the Golden Horseshoe Gals reveal that, as Golden VIP members, they get automatic cuts in front of the line anywhere in Las Pegasus, and use the privilege to get Dash her chance to ride the coaster. On the way home, Dash admits the mares are more fun than she thought, and agrees to join as the newest Golden Horseshoe Gal on next year’s trip.


This episode is a little bit better than I remember it, but…it doesn’t say much about an episode to me when the highlight is background pony appearances. It’s time for another case of the muddled moral.

While the lesson at the end of the episode seemed to be for Dash to not prejudge the older generation and their capacity to have fun or be active, the bottom line is the bulk of the episode went the way it did not because Dash prejudged them but because she kept doing what Applejack told her to do. Granny Smith wasn’t even upset about the idea of her running off while they were “napping” (she actually encouraged her to do so), and Dash herself actually got excited at Goldie’s horseshoe game. So in reality, this was another case of Applejack being overprotective of her family members (similar to how she was way back in “Somepony to Watch Over Me”) rather than Dash needing to learn a lesson. The fact that they have the image of Applejack winking at the end as if she approves just makes it weirder.

This isn’t even the first time we’ve had a character learn to appreciate the older generation. That was done way back in Season Two’s “Family Appreciation Day”. In this episode, the lesson is different enough…learning to appreciate that older folks can be fun too…but the fact that Dash was following the rules because she thought Applejack knew better rather than doubting the Golden Horseshoe Gals themselves kind of flubs where the focus of the lesson was. Was it really supposed to be: “Don’t trust Applejack”?

A lot of the stuff in the background of Las Pegasus, in particular the rather stunning pony cameos, ends up distracting a lot from the focus of this episode, which might be a good thing in this case. It definitely adds some entertainment value to it. However, muddled morals always irk me, and that’s why I rate this episode a bit lower.

Fun Facts:

According to the pictures, Spitfire and Fleetfoot were unimpressed with the Wild Blue Yonder.

Although Grand Auntie Applesauce has appeared in earlier episodes, the Golden Horseshoe Gals in this one end up being a parody of the Golden Girls. While it’s a bit difficult to place all of them, Grand Auntie Applesauce is likely Blanche and Apple Rose is…well, Rose. I don’t think either Granny Smith or Goldie Delicious necessarily correspond to either Dorothy or Sophia, however.

One of Goldie Delicious’ cats tries to “escape” the tree story. 😛

Granny Smith called Rainbow Dash: “sugar booger”. O_o K…

In one of the more infamous ponyfied cameos in the show’s history, when Rainbow Dash sees the line for the Wild Blue Yonder, two of the ponies in line are the pony versions of Rick and Morty. This cameo was so shocking that many fans didn’t even notice the other cameo further up the line: the pony version of Walter White from “Breaking Bad”. Gordon Ramsey pony also appears in this episode at the buffet, having first appeared in “Spice Up Your Life”, along with Cranky Doodle Donkey…for some reason…

In the dance hall at Las Pegasus, Svengallop is sitting alone and miserable at a table in the back. Looks like he never managed to find himself another Countess Coloratura. 😛

In the duo of magicians, Bigbucks and Jackpot, viewers were quick to notice that Jackpot’s color scheme is identical to the show’s most infamous magician: “The Great and Powerful Trixie”. This led to a great deal of fan speculation that the two were either related or one inspired the other, but thus far nothing has ever been confirmed, although Jackpot seems to share Trixie’s talent for throwing down ineffective smoke bombs before making an escape.

Lyra and Bon Bon are also on vacation that weekend, apparently, making multiple appearances throughout the episode throughout Las Pegasus.


2 Stars out of 5